Inflatable Gazebos – Printed Examples

Looking for a quick and easy-to-install spider dome event shelter?

Inflatable gazebos boast a simple and efficient installation method, simply requiring the shelter to be rolled out and pumped up. It can all be done by hand in a matter of minutes. The best part about these inflatable shelters is that they can fit in the boot of your car due to how compact they are!

Farm Gazebos

Farm gazebos for agricultural events

Our farm gazebos are produced and printed to the highest quality for showcasing at a wide variety of events around the UK.

Each custom gazebo is ensured to meet strength and durability specifications for any surprise weather conditions. If you are at an agriculture fair, your livestock and produce will stay sheltered, dry and protected under our rugged gazebos.

If you are holding animals below our gazebos, you’ll be glad to know our waterproof material will keep them happy and no harmful UV rays will be damaging anyone or anything below.

Our farm gazebos have previously been used by the likes of Wessex Animal Health to host their farm products to the likes of Burrow Farm selling their produce beneath. Whatever your farm gazebo requirements we can accommodate with a custom Gazeboshop shelter.

Get in touch today to get your farm gazebo for your next agricultural event!


Catering Gazebos

We produce high quality printed gazebos for any catering and street food events.

To stand out at catering and hospitality events, you need a unique and intriguing gazebo to highlight your standout products. For this reason, it’s important to note that catering and food gazebos are not exclusive to the outdoors, it can even provide the competitive edge for indoor events. Here at Gazeboshop, we have created custom-printed catering gazebos for a huge range of clients to ensure you have a better trade show, every time.

Our gazebos are suitable for showing off your tasty produce as they have no trouble covering BBQs and street food ovens. Made using a waterproof material, our catering gazebo is designed to keep you and your food dry as well as protect you from harmful UV rays, ensuring no sunburnt chefs! We have worked with a variety of clients including the likes of Coca-Cola, Jamie Oliver and Cafe2U creating bespoke Gazebos for their next catering exhibition.

Take a look at some of our previous work below and get in touch to see how we can create a gazebo to truly represent your business.

Not quite what you’re looking for? We also offer a range of gazebos for pubs and restaurants.

Charity Gazebos

We supply gazebos to a range of charities and not-for-profit organisations 

Non-profit organisations, charities and fundraising institutions can all greatly benefit from a gazebo when raising money for their cause, especially when out in the rain. Whether you’re handing out water at the side of a charity run or at a village fête raising money for a local cause, our Gazebos have you covered.

With custom printing options and waterproof material, our charity gazebos help you fundraise without harmful UV rays or the damp British weather. We can incorporate your specific cause’s design onto our gazebos to attract passersby to see what you’re all about and pop in some change to your donation bucket.

We have worked with many organisations around the UK, providing them with printed charity gazebos that have had a huge impact at events. Some notable clients within this sector include;

  • Age UK
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Midlands Air Ambulance
  • Stroke Association
  • RNLI

Take a look through our range of designs and photos below and contact us today to organise your fundraising gazebo!

Education and School Gazebos

Educate others with a custom printed school gazebo.

Whether you’re representing a private school or other educational institution like a university or college, a sturdy branded gazebo encourages parents and prospective students alike to come and have a chat.

Providing an outdoor shelter for parents and students is essential in starting what could be a very long relationship between those individuals and your institution. We provide custom printed school gazebos for any institution with your branded colours and designs.

We have produced a variety of educational gazebos for a range of clients within the sector. A few examples are City College Peterborough, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Nottingham Girls’ High School.

Nurseries, schools at primary and secondary level, sixth forms and colleges, universities and everything else in the educational sphere can benefit from a school gazebo to promote your institution. Get in touch today with your ideas and we will create your perfect shelter in no time.

Exhibition Gazebos

Boost your commercial success with an exhibition gazebo.

Exhibitions are a crowded place, ensure you stand out with a custom printed exhibition gazebo. Whether you’re in an indoor hall or braving the elements outside, our gazebos will keep you dry, covered and flooded with customers.

Regardless of the industry, you are exhibiting in, having a well-crafted and durable gazebo that looks the part, goes a long way in attracting passersby. Coming in a range of sizes, our gazebos can hold your products and house potential customers coming out of the rain for a chat. Even if it’s a beautiful sunny day, your personalised gazebo can provide shade allowing you to focus on your exhibition.

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses to create exhibition gazebos across a variety of sectors including, Easigrass, Protein World and Luker Rowe.

See what Gazeboshop can do for your business today and get in touch to ensure you are remembered at your next exhibition.

Flags, Banners & Table Covers – Printed Examples

We produce high quality custom printed flags, banners and table covers for many sectors.

Boost exposure for your brand at any event with our custom printed accessories made to your design.

Market Stalls – Examples

We produce high quality customised gazebos for market stalls and market events.

All of our custom shelters are strong, durable and printed to the highest standards. View examples of our pop up gazebos for market stalls. With a range of customisation and colour options available, we can create a gazebo to suit your market stall needs.

Military Gazebo

Our Gazeboshop equipment is used in a range of military and army events across the UK.

Whether it’s time for a recruitment drive or you’re advertising a local army cadets group, military gazebos can represent your drive and brand whilst you do the talking. Personalised military gazebos can incorporate your squad’s colours and be branded with a design of your choosing to encourage people to come and get to know you.

With a durable design and waterproof material, the shelter will keep you out of the sun, rain and allow you to focus on the general public and not a wobbly gazebo leg. Whatever your military event, having a branded gazebo is essential not to forget.

Some military clients we have collaborated with in the past include;

  • The Army School of Physical Training
  • Lancashire Army Cadet Force
  • Royal Air Force Cadets
  • British Army Medical

If you’re interested in a military gazebo for your next recruitment push, get in touch with us here at Gazeboshop to talk design and specification needs today.

Motorsport Gazebos

Our motorsport gazebos are used for a range of sporting events showcasing people and vehicles.

Motorsport events require a lot of gazebos with certified durability and protection. Whether you’re after a simple solution to keep an outside pit crew covered from the elements or a shaded area for fans, our gazebos are perfect for the occasion.

We know that some motorsport gazebos are also used to cover track cars from the rain, hail and whatever else the weather throws, and we can ensure our gazebos will provide shelter with our waterproof material.

Having worked with the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Hitachi and Jason Kew, we understand the specifications often required to make a great motorsport gazebo. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and to find out how we can make you a personalised motorsport gazebo for your next race day.

Public Sector Gazebos

Gazeboshop has been creating personalised public sector gazebos since 2005 and enjoys the design challenges proposed.

Recruitment, fundraising and awareness days for the public sector often require a gazebo to shelter staff and draw in the general public.

Our public sector gazebos have provided shelter and advertisement for the likes of the City of London council, Thames Valley Police, Surrey Fire Service and Oldham Council to name a few. Due to our vast experience, we understand what represents public sector brands well and how this can be achieved through well-crafted gazebos.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements and get your organisation a durable and personalised public sector gazebo.

Sports Gazebos | Football & Fitness Events

Get a custom printed fitness and sports gazebo for your next showcase event.

Whatever your sporting event, whether it’s a sports day in the sun or a football trial in the rain, we have a sport gazebo solution for you.

Our personalised gazebos protect and shelter anyone beneath them from the rain and harmful UV rays of a long summer’s day. We have worked with clients like West Ham United, RaceSkin and Fitness First to name a few, so we understand what makes a great sports gazebo for any event.

Both fans and players need appropriate protection from the elements while on the sidelines, whether it be football games, marathons or fitness training camps. Come rain or shine, our fitness and sports gazebos are the most reliable and affordable solution for your needs. Our custom shelters can include any logo designs and colour schemes of your choice, with an average delivery time of 7-10 working days from confirmation of order/artwork.

Get in touch to see how we can take your sporting event to the next level with a new personalised sport gazebo.