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Gazebo Lighting & Heaters

Easy to use gazebo lighting

Both of our gazebo lights are compatible with all of our gazebos. They are the ideal accessory for your gazebo at any event or exhibition. Our 3 way mains LED lighting kit has an ‘easy-to-clamp’ design, and our rechargeable LED strip light is not only compatible with all of our gazebos, but also with large umbrellas.

Both gazebo lights are suitable for use indoors and out, ideal for outdoor spaces at pubs and restaurants, outdoor events and celebrations and indoor exhibitions, to name just a few!

Gazebo heaters for all outdoor spaces

Are you putting on an event outside or opening up an outdoor space to accommodate customers, visitors or guest? Our gazebo heater will ensure that your customers are not deterred from sitting outside. Our portable gazebo heater is compatible with all of our gazebos and heats up instantly. 

Whether you use your gazebo regularly or occasionally, our portable, easy to use gazebo lighting & heaters mean that the season or weather forecast never has to deter your presence at events or business success.