Heavy Duty Wheeled Gazebo Bag

Protect your pop up gazebo from damage and dirt during transportation and storage with our Heavy Duty Wheeled Gazebo Bag.

Recommended for use with our Aluminium Extreme 40 Series and 50 Series frames.


Our Heavy Duty Wheeled Gazebo Bags make transporting and storing your gazebo a lot less hassle whilst keeping it well protected.

The wheeled gazebo bag design makes it really easy to pack the frame into the bag; simply unzip the bag, drop the bag over the frame then push the gazebo legs and footplates on to the bag’s base plate and secure your gazebo by the legs with the integral strap at the base of the bag and zip the cover flap down to conceal.

  • Made from heavy duty polyester with durable polyester lining
  • Heavy duty aluminium base plate with large wheels
  • Fitted with good sized grab handles and large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Recommended for Aluminium Extreme 40 Series and 50 Series frames

Bag Weights:

3m x 3m 5kg
3m x 4.5m 6kg
3m x 6m 7kg
4m x 4m 6kg
4m x 6m 7kg
4m x 8m 8kg

Our Heavy Duty Wheeled Gazebo Bags have enough space to store both your gazebo frame with its roof canopy fitted.

If you do leave your roof canopy fitted on the frame please always make sure you transport your Heavy Duty Wheeled Gazebo Bag in the upright position to protect your canopy and carry bag from damage being caused by the frame rubbing against the fabric.


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