Velcro Joining Strip

A simple and effective joining kit that connects two or more gazebos together side-by-side. Suitable for sizes 4m², 4m x 6m & 4m x 8m only.

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Product Information

Our Velcro Joining Strip:

  • Two joining strips (Price is per pair)
  • Suitable for sizes 4m², 4m x 6m & 4m x 8m only

A gazebo joining strip is required when connecting two or more gazebos together side-by-side and is recommended for use alongside our rain gutter.

The strip of material zips to the existing sidewalls joining the two structures together, used in conjunction with spacing clamps that are used to bind the gazebos together and prevent the gazebos from moving apart when in use.

Spacing Clamps sold separately. 



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