Best gazebos for the garden


A gazebo is a great addition to any garden, allowing you to spend time outdoors while benefiting from protection from the elements – which is always welcome here in the UK! From hosting barbecues and outdoor parties to simply creating a space to enjoy a few drinks on the patio in the evening, a gazebo is a really versatile option for outdoor entertaining.
There are lots of different types of gazebo, which may be more or less suitable depending on your garden. Let’s look at how to decide what type of gazebo is right for your garden.

What is the best garden for a gazebo?

Ideally, your garden should be relatively flat and clear of obstacles to best accommodate a gazebo. However, there are plenty of sizes, styles and accessories to choose from. Once you understand what you need, you can easily find the right gazebo.
For example, pop-up gazebos are a great option for gardens with limited space. They are quick and easy to erect and available in smaller sizes, making them suitable when you don’t have a lot of space.

What surface is best for a gazebo?

Grass is one the most suitable surfaces for a gazebo as it’s easy to anchor the frame by using pegs and ground bars.
A lawn or field is often a good mix of soft and firm, unless you’ve experienced particularly heavy rain, in which case the frame may be susceptible to sinking. Grass won’t cause scratches on the bottom of the gazebo frame, keeping it in better condition.
One important consideration is that grass can sometimes retain water. It’s therefore a good idea to make sure the bottoms of the frames are properly waterproofed, or to use plastic feet to protect the frame from the damp grass.

Can you put a gazebo on concrete?

You can put a gazebo on concrete or patio slabs. These are a great option because there’s no risk of the gazebo sinking into the ground.
However, the hard surface can scratch and damage the bottom of the gazebo frame, so it’s important to be careful when putting it up and taking it down to preserve the life of the metal. Weighing down the feet is one of the easiest ways to secure a gazebo on concrete, but you can also use ground bars and tie-down kits.

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Can you put a gazebo on decking?

Decking is another good choice for positioning your gazebo, and both real wood and composite decking are suitable. The gazebo won’t sink into the ground, and there’s a much smaller risk of scuffing the frame when compared to harder materials such as concrete.
It’s important to make sure that you position the feet of the gazebo carefully to avoid any gaps in the decking. Again, weights are a good option to secure the frame.

Where should you put a gazebo in the garden?

Wherever possible, position the gazebo on one of the more suitable surfaces that we’ve just looked at. It will be more secure if you’re able to use pegs and ground bars rather than just using weights on the legs, which is particularly relevant in windy weather conditions.
For gardens where the gazebo needs to be placed on a slope or uneven ground, choose a gazebo with adjustable legs. Simply shorten the legs that will be placed further up the slope, ensuring that the gazebo is able to stand fully upright.
You should also consider the intended use of the gazebo. If it’s to offer a cool, shady space in the summer, position it somewhere in your garden that is already shaded. If you’re looking to provide a little cover from the weather during a barbecue or while using a fire pit, be careful not to position the gazebo too close to any flames.

Where should you not put a gazebo?

Loose surfaces like gravel, mud or clay are less ideal than those we’ve looked at above. However, ensuring that the ground is not too soft or wet and using the right accessories to secure the frame will help you to make use of these less suitable areas if there aren’t any other options.
Don’t place your gazebo too close to open flames, and avoid particularly wet surfaces that may cause damage over time. Be wary of blocking entrances and exits, and keep an eye out for unexpected obstacles that could be a tripping hazard, such as steps and ponds. Make sure there’s plenty of clearance above the canopy, as branches could tear the fabric when erected.

Ready to buy a gazebo for the garden?

At Gazeboshop, we have a huge variety of different sizes and styles of gazebo, perfect for just about any garden. We also supply a complete range of accessories to make sure your gazebo is enjoyable year round, including lights and heaters.
If you’ve got any questions about choosing the best gazebo for your garden, just contact us and we’ll discuss the different options with you.

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