Weatherproof and waterproof gazebos


The main purpose of a gazebo is to protect you from the weather by offering a shady space out of the sun, or providing cover in the event of rain. Despite this, you might be surprised to learn that a weatherproof gazebo isn’t always a guarantee.
We’ve put together a guide to help you to choose a gazebo that will stand up to the elements.

Why do I need a weatherproof gazebo?

As well as protecting the people and objects under the canopy, weatherproofing is important to prolong the life of your gazebo.
Saturation can cause mould and mildew to form on the canopy, while the metal frame is susceptible to rust. Wind is also a concern for gazebos. If they’re not suitable for the weather conditions, the frame can bend or break, and the canopy fabric may rip.
Investing in a weatherproof gazebo will help to ensure that it stays in great condition for many years to come.

Are all gazebos waterproof?

A rainproof gazebo is a must if you’re planning to hold outdoor activities in the UK, as it’s almost impossible to guarantee a dry day for your barbecue, birthday party or wedding reception.
While they’re designed to provide a protective covering, not all gazebos are actually waterproof. Even if the packaging claims that they are, often this isn’t really the case. This is particularly true for cheaper options.
These lower-end gazebos may stand up to a light drizzle, or may retain their waterproof protection for a couple of uses, but to be sure that you and your guests will stay dry, it’s worth investing in a higher-quality option.

Is polyester waterproof?

Choosing a waterproof material for a gazebo is important to ensure the best cover from the elements. For most basic pop-up models, as well as those on the higher end of the price range, the canopy is made from polyester.
Polyester does have some water resistant properties, but it also has a tendency to absorb water. Single-sheet polyester gazebos aren’t likely to provide much protection from the rain, especially once they become saturated and the water starts to leak out.
Look for lined polyester that has been properly treated for water resistance. Many mid-range gazebos are manufactured using a polyester upper with a PVC lining, which helps to prevent rain from seeping through.

Do gazebos come with a waterproof coating?

Once you move out of the single-sheet polyester category, you should start to see gazebos sold with a waterproof coating. This is a chemical treatment that provides a protective layer to prevent rain from soaking into the fabric.
When buying or renting a gazebo, check whether the canopy material has been treated with a waterproof coating. This may be something that the company offers as an additional extra and is well worth investing in to keep everyone dry and prolong the life of your gazebo.
It’s worth noting that this coating won’t last forever and needs to be topped up every few years, or if you start to notice leaks. If your gazebo was fully waterproofed when you purchased it, you can remove the canopy from the frame and re-coat it with the same waterproof chemical treatment.
Pay extra attention to the seams, stitching and corners, as these are the areas that are most susceptible to leaks. You can also purchase a silicone seam sealant for even more protection on these areas.

Will a gazebo withstand wind?

A gazebo can easily catch the wind in much the same way as the sail on a boat, which can cause damage to the metal frame as well as the fabric of the canopy. When planning to erect a gazebo, it’s important to take the wind into account.
Some types of gazebo are better suited to holding their own on a blustery day. Higher-end models are designed to withstand wind by allowing flexibility in the frame, and by using sturdy materials and high-quality manufacturing to ensure that everything stays in one piece.
Look for a gazebo with springs attached to the legs, which offers more flexibility in the frame so it doesn’t simply snap or bend in the wind. Another consideration is the quality of the ratchet tie-downs and ground bars, which help to anchor the gazebo. Remember to adequately secure your gazebo to keep it safe in the wind.

Looking for a waterproof gazebo?

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