Are your gazebos waterproof?

All of our canopies and sidewalls have PVC coating on the inside to ensure they are fully waterproof. Furthermore, all canopy stress points are reinforced with additional fabric and the seams are multi-stitched with heat-sealed tape to ensure waterproofing.

Condensation occurs naturally and is often mistaken for a leaking structure, with customers encountering water inside their gazebos. Gazebos are highly waterproof, making it hard for moisture to escape.

If it’s raining, your chance of experiencing condensation will increase as there’s more humidity in the air. Polyester is a non-breathable fabric, which once treated with waterproofing, will not allow moisture to escape the tent. Therefore, to reduce condensation within the gazebo, it’s important to always keep your gazebo well-ventilated. Condensation occurs even when your tent is empty.

Signs of Condensation

  1. Damp on the framework inside the unit
  2. Water droplets collect in pools on the gazebo canopy and sidewalls
  3. By wiping the inside of your canopy or sidewall panels with your hand and feeling a film of dampness
  4. To find condensation has formed overnight

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