Can I transport my gazebo with the canopy attached?

We strongly recommend removing the canopy before transporting a gazebo – it only takes a minute to reassemble and will save you time and money on repair work! Pack down individual items and store them in protective bags. And finally, ensure the gazebo is firmly secured to prevent movement in transit.

Tears and holes are often the result of transporting the canopy whilst it’s still attached to the frame. Vibrations and shaking during transportation can cause the frame parts and joints to rub against the fabric and PVC coating and thus inflict damage to the canvas.

While this damage can be minimised by transporting the pop-up gazebo in a vertical position, we would like to stress that if the canopy is attached this is at the user’s own risk. Extreme care must be taken as the fabric can easily get caught up in the gazebo mechanism which can cause holes and these damages are not covered under warranty.

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