How do I maintain and protect my gazebo?

Keep your gazebo as good as new all year round by following these simple and easy tips!

How to Store:
Gazebo canopies are not designed to be left out all year long, as adverse weather (such as strong winds, snowfall or heavy rain) can cause irreparable damage. Pools of water or snow can stretch the canvas, weakening the material and causing tears, and strong wind can cause the gazebo to uplift. Even long periods of intense sunshine can lead to discolouration. Here’s how you can protect your gazebo in winter.

Most importantly, when putting your gazebo away, make sure the fabric isn’t wet, as this can cause discolouration or mould. The walls and canopy should be completely dry before storing for any length of time. If they are wet or damp when packing away after using the gazebo, you must unpack them and dry them out thoroughly before storing them away. Use a gazebo storage bag for protection.

You can download our owner’s manual for tips on how to maintain your gazebo frame etc.

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