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Motorcycles on the big screen


The black rebel motorcycle The wild one

The Wild One

The 1950 6T Triumph Thunderbird used by Marlon Brando was his own bike. Brando the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ride Triumphs while Lee Marvin and his gang ride Harley-Davidsons. The filmmakers decided to hire real motorcycle gangs and base Lee Marvin’s character, Chino, on real biking legend, Willie Forkner.

Bike Launched 1942

Country of origin England


The Captain America Easy Rider

Easy Rider

The motorcycles in the 1969 film Easy Rider were based on hardtail frames and panhead engines. They were designed by two chopper builders - Cliff Vaughs and Ben Hardy. The American flag on the gas tank of the bike caused Peter Fonda, who plays Wyatt, to be pulled over several times by the police.

Bike Launched 1949

Country of origin Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Total Sales 10,265


The Jimmy Quadrophenia


The 1967 Lambretta, ridden by the main character Jimmy (Phil Daniels), sold for a staggering £36,000 at an auction in Knightsbridge in 2008. In 1997, the bike was used at The Who’s Quadrophenia concert in Hyde Park and Brighton.

Bike Launched 1967

Country of origin Italy

Total Sales 143,091


The King William Knightriders


The Honda CBX, featured in the 1981 film, Knightriders, as Billy’s “horse”. The CBX model was produced in 1978 for a further four years to help regain its position as the forefront of motorcycle innovation. The star from the movie, Ed Harris, had previously learned how to ride a motorbike from appearing in the television series CHiPs.

Bike Launched 1978

Country of origin Japan

Total Sales 40,000


The T-800 Terminator 2

Terminator 2

During the famous Harley-Davidson Fat Boy jump, the bike had to be supported by 3cm cables due to the excessive weight of the bike and the rider. These were digitally erased at a later stage. The Honda XR, ridden by John Connor (Edward Furlong) in the film, was dubbed with a 2-stroke sound to create a strong contrast with the Terminator’s Harley-Davidson.

Bike Launched 1991

Country of origin USA


The Burt Munro The Worlds Fastest Indian

The Worlds Fastest Indian

Anthony Hopkins plays New Zealand speed bike racer, Burt Munro, with his highly modified Indian Scout motorcycle. The Scout was designed by Charles B. Franklin and was introduced in October 1919 as a 1920 model.

Bike Launched 1919

Country of origin USA


The Rockatansky mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road

To convert Rockatansky’s Yamaha R1, Mad Max’s production designer, Colin Gibson, stripped down the frames and bolted household items and spare vehicle parts onto the bike. He removed the paint to reveal the raw steel on the bike and added plenty of desert patina for added effect. Australian MX champion Stephan Gall was hired to coordinate the riding action for the film.

Bike Launched 1998

Country of origin Japan