Beer Garden Ideas: Creating the Beer Garden Experience


There is something about a beer garden that can really change people from regular customers into unofficial regulars. As soon as an ounce of sunshine comes out, many people will flock to pub garden’s across the country to enjoy time with friends, family and good food and drink. 
Having a beer garden is a huge bonus and our guide is full of pub garden ideas and what you can do to make your new or existing beer garden stand out from the crowd.

1.  Create the right atmosphere

The way you decorate your beer garden should reinforce the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Choosing the right furniture here is key – beer gardens are all about communal seating, so benches and picnic tables are common pieces of furniture used in beer gardens, as they allow guests to sit and socialise with one another.
Other pieces of furniture, such as bar stools and high top tables, are also sometimes used in beer gardens so that guests can enjoy their drinks while standing. 

2. Be prepared for the weather with a pub garden canopy

Equally, the weather will influence the atmosphere in your pub garden to a significant extent. Be prepared for particularly rainy or sunny days by making covered areas with seating and tables: our pop up gazebos are a perfect solution for this, with a range of different colours available to suit the style of your venue and the option to print them with your own branding. Check out our hospitality gazebos for pubs and restaurants!
Alternatively, stretch tents are a great option when it comes to creating shelter above large spaces as the material is able to be stretched and moulded into various different angles and corners.  
This means that you can create unique shapes and build your structure around your environment. Everything is then held in place with poles to ensure a secure and safe solution.
person sitting on picnic table at daytime

3. Pick the right plants

Beer gardens are traditionally adorned with hops, which not only look beautiful but also help keep the mosquitos away. Other popular choices include lavender, rosemary, and thyme – which can also be multipurpose and used in food and cocktails!
Play around with the colours of your plants to enhance the look of your pub garden – perhaps even choosing the same colours as any branding you may have.

4. Consider the music 

Music is an important part of any pub’s atmosphere, and a beer garden is no exception. A good selection of tunes can set the tone for a great night, by helping to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere or a fun and lively atmosphere for customers, encouraging them to stay longer.
In addition, music can help to mask any external noise that may be off-putting to customers, such as traffic noise from a busy street.
clear wine glass beside wine bottle on brown wooden table

5. Keep things clean (and tidy!)

Last but not least on our list of beer garden ideas – is keeping things clean and tidy. It’s always been important to keep things clean – even before the COVID pandemic meant that hygiene and cleanliness were brought to the forefront of many people’s minds.
Disinfecting surfaces thoroughly and often is a crucial step in keeping your beer garden clean. For areas that will be touched by lots of customers each day (such as door handles and tabletops), you should use some form of anti-viral surface cleaner on a regular basis throughout the day.
Ensure that you’re also keeping everything tidy, too. Sweep up leaves and dirt and ensure that there’s no rubbish left behind and all furniture is returned back to its original place. Little touches also make all the difference, so regular jet washing of patios, weeding and keeping on top of lawn mowing is essential in attracting new customers.


The British pub beer garden experience is a wonderful thing. A relaxing respite from your day, and an enjoyable way to pass the time with friends on a summer’s day (or whenever the sun is out) – what’s not to love?
We know that the best pub beer gardens do everything they can to create the perfect atmosphere for drinking and dining, and there are plenty of tips you can use to make the most of your own efforts in this department. 

Check out our range of pop up gazebos, pub garden canopies and printed gazebos now and make your beer garden great.

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