Benefits for SMEs attending big events.


The UK is experiencing a heatwave at the moment, and it is looking we’ll have another record breaking summer this year. Summer obviously provides SMEs and traders with a number or opportunities to attend outdoor events, whether it’s a musical festival or a regional show. It represents a good opportunity to make a statement and introduce yourself to a brand new audience.

There are a number of benefits why you should be considering attending these kind of events. Here are the four big ones.

See the bigger picture relating to your market

Whether you are attending a public or commercial venture, it will provide you with a better idea of how your brand relates to the larger market or industry. This is something that is usually only realised or idealised as a nebulous objective. Actually getting out of the office and attending events provides you with that very special opportunity of actually seeing yourself in third person. This can inform changes to your overall strategy, it may even provide you with that ‘eureka’ moment that lights the torch on a whole new idea to make your business excel in the future.


Meet new people and build relationships

Attending events gives you an opportunity to introduce your brand to a wider audience face to face whether they are new customers or existing customers. It can be difficult doing this online, for a number of reasons, the age of your demographics may be less tech savvy or they are simply looking in the wrong place.


Gain competitor analysis

At B2B shows, or industry specific events, attending provides a good opportunity to network and gain a sense of how your competitors are approaching business giving you invaluable market intelligence. This can influence your process or just give you peace of mind, so you are not completely within the dark as far as your industry goes.


Make an informal but iron impression

How are you usually marketing your brand or business? Typically, it probably involves either adverts, emails, your web presence of social networking. These are all good formal ways of introducing people to your brand, but when it comes to engagement, nothing makes a stronger impression rather than a handshake, face to face eye contact and a natural delivery introducing your business. Once your customers put a face to your business it is much easy for them to call upon you in the future as clients.  It is also a better ground for establishing meetings and getting the wheels of transaction in process going.

Gazeboshop specialises in providing you with temporary pop up shelters that are perfect for setting up your own headquarters at these kinds of public events. From there you can make the most out of your attendance, gaining market intelligence, increasing your brand awareness and sales most importantly. Finally, it allows you to make that deep seated personal connection.

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