Commercial VS Retail: Pop-up shelters – The Facts!


Every single day we have scores of customers contacting us asking us to clarify the difference, lots of whom have previously purchased DIY store pop-up shelters and have amusing tales of woe of their demise!

It would appear that many a family barbeque, School Fete, fundraiser or sporting event has witnessed a mangled gazebo take flight at the merest gust of wind! We wonder to ourselves what happens to these sorry contraptions – gazebo graveyard somewhere maybe?!

Take for example our entry level Heavy Duty Steel Framed shelter. From just £149 inc VAT for a 3m x 3m unit unbranded, this is only a little more expensive than a high end DIY store model. But for your extra pennies you get so much more.  Commercial grade steel that won’t buckle or bend, tough moulded connectors, a sturdy carry bag and quality tie down kit. The most notable difference however is fabric weight. The look and feel of our thick 350gsm fully water proof, UV stable and flame retardant canopy and walls is light years away from their retail equivalents.

Looking for something more lightweight? Upgrade to an Aluminium Extreme 40 Series. From only £259 inc VAT for a 3 x 3 model. Sure, Aluminium framed gazebos are available in the shops, but their hollow framework (our frames are reinforced) and flimsy thickness of poor grade materials used in their construction renders them utterly useless in all but ideal weather conditions – surely defeating the object of having one!

Put simply, there is no comparison between the commercial grade instant shelters that we sell here at Gazeboshop and the DIY store “equivalent”. The price itself should be an indicator of quality, plus the fact that we know of no store purchased shelters that come with warranties and full after sales service. We stock literally every nut, bolt, cross bar and cover for our entire range of gazebos ready for next day delivery should you mishandle your shelter. What’s more, so confident are we in the design and build quality of our instant shelters that our warranties can cover you for up to for up to 5 years.

So next time you are shopping for a new gazebo, think carefully about your options. Could your DIY store one just turn out to be false economy?

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