Events Logistics Checklist


We at the Gazeboshop are always providing our customers with products and services that allow them to emphasise their brand at events and generally make an impression. Our range of makeshift shelters, accessories, flags and custom printing services are all designed for quick and easy setup and to be reused time and time again, whenever you need them.

Preparing for events can be a daunting prospect, which is why we have come up with this checklist of questions to ask yourself.

1. How do I reserve my space?

It goes without saying, most events will have a formal application process for traders looking to reserve space at a particular show. For official events, this usually takes place months in advance, for less formal events, it can be a less. Prior to all planning, you must ensure that all deposits and fees are paid, and you have a good sense of where your booth will be situated in regards to the larger show plan.

2. Will my space be indoor or outdoor?

Indoor events are generally easy to plan for. Outdoor will always considerations towards the weather to be made. Not just rain, but wind, sun, mud and even snow… Can your booth provide shelter not only to your staff and equipment but also your customers? Are they stable and securely fitted to the ground? Can you ensure that they do not fly away in gale force winds? We stock a number of sturdy gazebos and accessories that will keep your shelter tethered to the ground.


3. How large will my event space be?

How much space will you have to play with? Work out the smallest space you need to house basic operations along with the basic number of staff and work onwards from there. Do you require a sheltered area for your customers, where they can eat, talk and network? Will you require a number of gazebos attached together to provide a wider service area.


4. Where will I be located within the event?

Early on in the process, you will probably gain a good idea of where you will be situated amidst the floor plan. This may determine how many guests you receive since areas will experience a higher flow of visitors. Where you are located, will normally be judged by price.


5. How many people will be attending and how many can I realistically expect to visit my stall?

You will need to be prepared to accommodate for a large amount of people even if you’re not expecting it. Food stalls are no stranger to this of course, as lunch hour can multiply the rate of visitors over ten times. You may need to set up queuing areas or additional space for your staff to provide services or handle customer enquiries.

6. Will I require any electrical equipment?

You will need to confirm with the organisers the arrangements of  providing your show with electricity if you have any specialised equipment that allows you to effectively showcase your product or service. With outdoor events you may need to connect to some form of generator and obviously apply the correct approach to health and safety with regards to cabling.


7. How does my stand make an impression?

Custom branding is a good way to personalise your space in accordance with your branding. We already provide a number of services that allow you to apply whatever message you need to convey. As a general rule, we advise bold colour schemes, official logos, contact address, email and social media links.

These are just a couple of questions to ask yourself before attending a trade show or public event as a trader or business. These kinds of events provide a great opportunity to make a great first impression and connect with an audience.

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