Gazebo after sales service – we are the best by far!


At Gazeboshop, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. Miss handling of pop up gazebos or use of instant shelters in severe weather conditions are the 2 reasons folks contact us for after sales help.

A significant difference between our fantastic commercial grade instant shelters and their retail counterparts is that when something breaks or tears, for whatever the reason, we have the component. We stock literally every nut, bolt, crossbar, leg, canopy and side walls set for every single one of the gazebos we sell; all available for next day delivery.

If you need a spare part for you gazebo, and are unsure the component name or model you have, simply photograph the damage, send it to us on an email, and we’ll soon have you fixed.

Last week, Justin Morgan contacted us to say the canopy on his Aluminium Extreme 40 Series that he purchased along with another gazebo from us back in 2012 had torn. A routine replacement we thought, but then we read his email further. Turns out that Justin has a Carpentry company and had been very naughty using his gazebo in some seriously adverse weather conditions!!! His replacement canopy was duly despatched and cost him only £38 plus VAT. None the less, we loved his email singing the praises of our instant shelters and thought we would share with you what he said at the end of his email:

“….I can only say how impressive the gazebos I purchased from you have been. My profession is carpentry, but mostly fitting high end kitchens. Many of the jobs I do require some quite long term storage for the client.  I erect gazebos in their gardens to house timber, MDF and other materials. This particular gazebo has been up for nearly 4 months with only the sand bag weights around the legs storing boxed up items for the customer’s kitchen. As I am based on the south coast we have (like most people) had some of the worst weather known to local records with winds up to 95 mph and rain being just as plentiful! To say this gazebo has come out of the last 3 months undamaged would be a lie, but the fact it’s still in the clients garden and not like one bought off the high street which would be scattered across several gardens is a bloody miracle! Its minor damage of a small tear in the roof and looks a bit grubby but nothing a good scrub would not sort out. To say that’s all that’s happened to it in the last few months is quite impressive. My client even rang me on a few occasions worried about it but it stayed put. I own 2 of these gazebos one of which my clients borrow for storage the other one I use as a portable workshop keeping all my tools dry and to use as a cutting area. I have to say they are well worth the money and as I have had several cheaper models I would never go back to them again.

J Morgan
R.N.J carpentry..

So there you have it! Whilst we certainly don’t recommend (or guarantee against) any damage caused by such adverse weather conditions at 95mph winds (!) it goes to prove that our gazebos really are super strong  and if you are naughty and miss handle them, your instant shelter is not necessarily bound for the gazebo graveyard!

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