Gazebo Valence wrap… A new temporary branding option


Don’t want to permanently brand your gazebo? Have you already purchased a plain gazebo from us but now want it branding? Need different branding at different events? We have just come up with a cracking and economical idea to cover all bases.

The valence wrap does what it says – wraps around the gazebo’s roof valence!  Constructed from the same quality polyester as the gazebo canopy, the wrap which surrounds all 4 valences attaches securely with Velcro to itself and can be installed, as and when necessary on the valence once the gazebo is popped up. Using our Dye Sublimation print technique, there are no limits to the colours and images we can print onto a wrap.

So why go for a wrap as opposed to a permanently branded solution? Well, a standard branded valence does give a neater finish than a valence wrap, but not everyone wants their gazebo permanently branded. Say you are a small company and plan to use your gazebo for business but also for leisure in your own garden for example. Or maybe you have a number of different sponsors who all need branding exposure but not necessarily at the same time. Perhaps it’s community purchase that will have a number of clubs and societies who require using the gazebo or finally, you purchased a plain one but now need branding.

The latter is exactly what happened in the case of the St Helens Health Improvement Team. They purchased a plain white Heavy Duty Steel Frames gazebo from us, then some months later, decided they wanted to use it for their local stop smoking campaign.  As the gazebo had been used several times and was therefore not suitable for sending back for print, and as they plan to use it on a number of different health campaigns, a valance wrap was a brilliant and inexpensive non- permanent solution to get the message across.

Here’s what Andrea Goodman at St Helens said:  I attach a photo of our gazebo in its full glory yesterday. The wrap really has made a huge difference and I believe you will be hearing from my colleague shortly to order more!

A valence wrap costs around £100 plus VAT. Contact one of our sales team for further details.

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