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How To Secure A Gazebo

“How do I secure my gazebo to protect against the wind?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, and it’s asked by most of our customers. Investing in a robust set of gazebo leg weights is a must if you want to get the most out of your gazebo. You would not pitch a tent and not anchor it properly, and gazebos are no different.

It can be hard to know how best to secure your gazebo depending on the environment you are in. Having an extra bit of protection is invaluable for protection from the wind in particular. At Gazeboshop, we offer a range of gazebo accessories and anchorage solutions to suit all budgets and eventualities. Your gazebo is an investment and a little extra investment from the outset will protect it and ensure a long lifespan.


How to secure a gazebo to grass

All of our gazebos come with a standard soft standing tie-down kit. This is similar to the guide rope system seen on many tents. But it’s worth considering upgrading to a heavy-duty tie down kit which has much longer and thicker metal pegs to drive into the grass. This also comes with sturdy commercial-grade straps to tighten your mini marquee securely in place. This really is a must for use on soft ground when the wind picks up! Note; gazebos should never be used without sufficient anchorage in place.

Not planning to use your gazebo on grass? Don’t worry; we have three brilliant solutions for hard-standing usage that will ensure your instant shelter stays put.


How to secure a gazebo to concrete or tarmac

If you plan to use your gazebo on hard surfaces, for example, a concrete patio or tarmac, you’ll need to find a slightly different way to secure your gazebo.

Steel stacking leg weights

If you’re looking to protect your gazebo from the wind, the best of the best are our steel stacking leg weights. These circular interlocking leg weights are sold in pairs, are a really heavy-duty option, and will successfully secure your gazebo down in all but the most extreme weather conditions. At 25kg per pair, a 4 leg gazebo would have a staggering 100kgs of weight holding it down, so it won’t be going anywhere fast!

We also sell a steel “H” leg weight which is 20kgs and perfect for use when joining two gazebos together.

Universal water leg weights

Our universal water leg weights are a good budget option with the benefit of being lightweight for transportation. These stackable weights and sold in pairs and can be filled with water, sand or gravel.

Sandbag leg weights

Sandbag leg weights are another ideal budget option for use in normal weather conditions on hard ground. Sold in sets of 4, simply fill them with sand or fine pea shingle and strap them to the base of the gazebo legs for extra anchorage. Contents for sandbags not supplied.


So there you have it; a comprehensive range of ways to keep your gazebo secure. Love and look after your gazebo and in return, it will give you years of excellent service!

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