How Much do Brits Spend on Summer Gardens?


With lockdown restrictions easing in the UK and the summer fast-approaching, many Brits across the country are getting their gardens ready to host friends and family.
Since homeowners are keen to spruce up their flowerbeds and redesign their patio area in preparation for relaxing with guests in the sun, gardeners are getting ready for a busy summer of work. This led us to wonder, how much are Brits planning to spend on their gardens this year?

How much does it cost to hire a gardener in the UK?

To understand how much it costs to hire a gardener across cities in the UK, we conducted research into the price of hiring a gardener in the five largest cities in each region of the country.
To gather the data, we analysed the average, highest and lowest prices for hiring a gardener on HaMuch, in the top 25 cities in the UK.
The results can be found below:


CityRegionAverage RatingHighest PriceLowest PriceAverageHighest Price Per Year



What do the results show?

Our results show Sheffield has the most expensive gardeners in the UK, with high-end gardeners charging in the range of £73 an hour. In second place is Newport where residents are also paying
well above the average, with the highest prices reaching £72 per hour.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, London comes in third place at £67 per hour. For a high-priced gardener in the top three cities, residents could be paying upwards of £800 for an hour a month.
Hiring a high-end gardener once a month for an hour in Plymouth works out the cheapest at £168. This is 136% cheaper than hiring a gardener in the most expensive city, Sheffield, which amounts to £876 per year for an hour a month.
When looking into the average price of gardeners across the UK, residents in Sheffield can expect to pay around £32 an hour for a gardener, which is 25% more than the average price in the UK, at £25.
The cheapest gardening service can be found in the Midlands, with Birmingham and Coventry providing quotes at just £10 an hour. Here, garden owners can expect to pay as little as £120 a year for an hour of gardening a month.

What did the experts say?

Sam Richards, Marketing Manager at Gazeboshop said:
“After spending a year in lockdown, people across the country are keen to begin socialising once again and inviting friends and family into their gardens. We have noticed a sharp rise in demand for garden gazebos, as Brits look to spruce up their gardens ahead of the summer and make the most of their outdoor space.
“The data here shows garden owners in Sheffield and Newport can expect to pay above the norm to hire a gardener this year, with prices well above the average. With London weighting, we aren’t surprised to see gardeners in London are charging more than other cities in the UK for their services as many residents will expect to pay more for their services.
“There has been a significant increase in people appreciating and spending time in their gardens since lockdown began. People have begun to invest time into their homes and outdoor spaces, understanding the benefits it can bring to your wellbeing and happiness. We are expecting to see the demand for garden services continue to grow as we move into the summer”

Cass Heaphy, Digital Director at Paving Direct commented:
“With the pandemic causing Brits to spend more time than ever in their gardens, we have seen a surge in people looking to tidy up their lawn or in some cases, entirely redesign their back gardens. As the weather begins to pick up and restrictions continue to lift, we are expecting this trend to continue as the possibility for larger garden parties and gatherings becomes possible.
“With the data showing the price of hiring a gardener can reach as much as £73 per hour in some cities, homeowners may be looking to pick up some of their gardening tasks themselves this summer. With an opportunity to get creative and upcycle old items into quirky plant pots and features, those looking to spruce up their gardens could save money by turning their hand to their own gardening project.”

5 tips for doing up your garden on a budget

Doing up your garden for the summer can seem like a momentous and expensive task, but in fact, there are lots of ways to achieve a bright and cosy garden without spending a fortune. Whether you are looking to transform your garden completely or you just want to decorate for the warmer period, we’ve listed five tips below to help you spruce up your garden on a budget.


1. Source shrubs and herbs which last all year round

Investing in a mixture of spring, summer and autumn flowering shrubs will ensure your garden offers foliage all year round. Low maintenance shrubs are great value for money since they are long-lasting and mean your garden won’t be left sparse in the colder months.


2. Paint your garden shed and any furniture to match

If your garden has an old shed or furniture which has seen better days, try giving it a lick of paint to give your garden an instant pop of colour. Choosing a neutral colour will keep the attention on your blooms, but if you are feeling adventurous you can opt for a brighter shade to suit the summer months.


3. Look out for materials you can upcycle

When you are potting your plants and planning your design, look out for any materials you can recycle in your garden. Recycled materials can give a garden a real edge, so before you throw away that old wheelbarrow, have a go at how you might incorporate it into your garden design.


4. Add lighting to your space to give it another dimension

If you are planning to host friends and family in your garden this summer, adding lighting to your space can help create a comfortable atmosphere and extend the time you can spend outdoors as it gets darker. Solar lights or fairy lights are a low-cost way to illuminate trees, garden gazebos or sculptures, and can be removed easily if you want to redesign your garden later down the line.


5. Grow your own fruit and vegetables this year

While growing your own plants from scratch is more time consuming, it is a far more cost-effective method than buying pots from garden centres. When growing your own fruit and veg, this becomes even more true. If you are looking to invest in your garden in the long term, on a budget, starting your own veg patch is a great way to keep busy and impress your guests.

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