Vibrant Festival Gazebo For Campervan Goodies


We just love this vibrant, festival retail set-up for Campervan Goodies and ‘Genevieve’ (the VW camper van) at the back!

This gazebo set-up is not only a fantastic example of how you can achieve a brilliantly eye-catching event stand with just one of our plain, stock colour pop up gazebos (and a well-styled, effective display) but more importantly how purchasing a commercial grade gazebo frame from the outset is worth every penny!

You won’t be disappointed – our range of gazebos is unrivalled when it comes to quality, reliability and value for money. Wendy James from Campervan Goodies purchased her 3m x 3m Aluminium Extreme 40 Series gazebo from us 8 years ago and it’s still going strong!

Wendy comments, “I’ve used my gazebo for 8 seasons for up to 25 weekends per year. It has seen some horrendous weather including two storms! On more than one occasion I have been the last man standing when allegedly “better” gazebos either side, behind and opposite me have all collapsed. I did replace the sidewalls and canopy a couple of years ago but believe they would have lasted more than 6 years if I’d cleaned them and hadn’t packed them wet so often! So when I needed another gazebo, there was no way I would consider a different model.”

All of our gazebos are made from the very best components to ensure long lasting satisfaction. We are dedicated to building quality and durability into the products we make. We work closely with our own manufacturing facility which allows us to monitor and control the quality of all materials and components used in the construction of our gazebos.

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