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5 Ways To Build A Winning Trade Show Stand

Creating a winning trade show stand can be the difference between a lacklustre summer for your business or a year full of potential leads. We understand that getting your trade gazebo to stand out amongst the competition can feel like fighting against a crowd, however we have narrowed down our five fundamental ways to ignite curiosity in passersby and turn them into potential customers.

Reflect your brand values in every square inch of your stall

First things first, it is crucial that your trade gazebo design and its content is cohesive to your company’s overall marketing message. Put simply, your trade show stand is a living embodiment of your brand and it must reflect that. Positioning your company in a different light to the hundred other trade stands is difficult enough! Make it easier for prospective customers by drenching your stand in brand colours and design elements so they know exactly who you are.

Spoil your prospective customers in experiences

Your brand deserves better than to be remembered by trade show visitors by free pens, travel mugs or tacky plush toys, unless of course you want to be solely remembered by prospective students at Freshers Fairs. If you’re interested in catching bigger fish, your trade show stand should focus on offering attendees experiences rather than free branded product. Opt for product demos or opportunities for customers to play with samples, over throwing the products you can’t shift in your stock in a goody bag. Likewise, think free wifi or wireless smartphone charging over USB memory sticks with your logo on them. Providing experiences which require visitors to spend longer in your stand gives you an opportunity to engage with them and turn them into customers. Sounds so much more memorable, doesn’t it?

Colour speaks all languages

Gazeboshop offer unlimited printing in any colour on all aspects of our gazebos, meaning we can turn your trade show stand designs into a reality on the inside, out and roof of your trade gazebo. Our dye sublimation printers allow us to match pantones so we can match your brand colours perfectly and print full-size photos on your gazebo. Why not take full advantage of Gazeboshop’s design capabilities and send us a proposal of a gazebo in a vivid new colour? One guaranteed way of standing out amongst your competitors is to research their brand colours and choose something more contrasting and brighter. As long as you follow the rule of thumb and stick to three bright colours, this is a surefire way to create a winning trade show stand.

Use digital displays to your advantage

Did you know that the human brain responds more intensely to video and graphics than text? Playing short marketing videos on a display in your trade show stand is a great way to attract attention. If your budget doesn’t accommodate for a digital display monitor, why not combine a QR code in your print graphics for your trade gazebo and lead prospective customers to your company’s socials, website, YouTube review or product demo? The possibilities are endless once you combine digital with in-the-moment opportunities.

Respect ‘white’ space

That ‘white’ space on your trade gazebo can be an unlimited array of colours at Gazeboshop but nonetheless the blank spaces on your trade show stand can say a lot more about your brand than your catchy slogan. You only have one opportunity to be memorable at a trade show and those limited all-important spaces in customers minds are reserved for the brands who know exactly who they are, so keep text concise and punchy. To reiterate, do not give your prospective customers information overload and shove in as many statistics about your company’s success in your trade show stand as you can – you can always email it over the next day.

We understand that brand exposure at trade shows has never been more crucial to a business’ success. Let us help you create your winning trade show stand and complete a form for a free visual with your quote. However, if our advice has left you inspired, there’s nothing stopping you creating your own design using our scaled templates and we can quote you on receipt of artwork. Here’s to a successful trade show season!

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