Inflatable Gazebos

Looking for a quick and easy-to-install spider dome event shelter?

Inflatable gazebos boast a simple and efficient installation method, simply requiring the shelter to be rolled out and pumped up. It can all be done by hand in a matter of minutes. The best part about these inflatable shelters is that they can fit in the boot of your car due to how compact they are!

Many traders worry that using inflatable gazebos may mean repeated top-up pumping throughout the busy day. Our EMX collection of event shelters require no additional pumping once installed. Their Over Pressure Relief Valve System means you will never overfill your inflatable shelter so there is no need to worry about any pressurising issues.

There are 4 sizes of event shelter available to suit any trading and spatial requirements. All of our EMX inflatable gazebos come with a hand pump, storage bag and tie down kit as standard, so you’re ready to go immediately out of the bag.

The high pressurised system means that all EMX blow-up gazebos are high pressurised offering a robust alternative to standard metal gazebos. With a thermoplastic polyurethane and sleeve fabric lining, every inflatable spider dome is able to offer durability and reliability in a simplistic and compact solution.

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We also offer event shelters with sides for those looking for added protection and privacy. The sides do not falter from the sleek contemporary design and look as striking as they are practical. These allow you to have the privacy of dome event shelters however, this can be changed dependent upon the event if another does not require the event shelter with sides, they can easily be removed.

All of our inflatable gazebos are available to be personalised and custom printed by our custom printing team. Please contact us for further information or request a free visual today!

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