What colour pop up gazebo should you choose?


When choosing a gazebo there are many things to consider when deciding which gazebo is right for you. The size is important, the layout of your garden or the exhibition you are at is vital but many people overlook how important choosing the right colour gazebo is when making your choice. 
So how can you decide what colour pop up gazebo best suits your individual needs?
In this blog, Gazeboshop will help you to decide which colour gazebo is best for you and your requirements. . By reading this guide you won’t only have an idea of which gazebo is best for you but also be able to consider new possibilities of how you can use gazebo colours to have the maximum impact on your audience.

What colour gazebo is best?

In order to decide which pop up gazebo colour best meets your needs you will need to think about what you want to use your gazebo for. Gazebos can be used for many different functions and each will have certain expectations from your guests or audience. 
A corporate function would tend towards a professional navy blue, while a child’s birthday party will likely be suited to brighter colours such as yellow or pink. 
The environment the gazebo will be placed in is also important. Having a gazebo in your garden means it would look best if it matches the colour scheme of your patio or porch area, giving your guests a nice, cohesive experience when they come to your gathering.
A business conference in contrast would want the gazebo to reflect the company’s branding. Opting for a bright colour for the sake of being distinctive might make you stand out from the crowd, but can send mixed signals about your brand image. 

What are the different colours best used for?

In this section of the guide we will run through each of the colours offered by Gazeboshop in our entire pop up gazebos range Take the time to look at each and consider which colour is best suited for your gazebo uses, placement area and the context you want to use your gazebo in. The colours which we offer include:

Red Gazebos

Red is a bold and striking colour that will stand out in most environments, making it an ideal choice if you want your gazebo to catch people’s eyes. This can be most beneficial if you are trying to appeal to the public, making a red gazebo an excellent choice for park functions or outdoor events where there will be many other businesses competing for attention. 
Themed events have opportunities to make use of red gazebos even more than everyday functions. Any event such as role playing, fairs, and even Christmas stalls can be suitable for a red gazebo.
3m x 3m steel gazebo

Yellow Gazebos

A yellow gazebo has a more inviting colour than others, giving a softer, sunnier feel than darker options). A yellow gazebo is the perfect option for social gatherings in the summertime, as the sunlight will compliment the bright yellow colour.
The bright yellow colour also makes for a brilliant option for children’s events, giving the function a bright home base for you to centre the party or gathering around. Children have a large preference for bright colours and your gazebo could appeal to a younger audience with its cheerful yellow hue. 
3m x 3m Gazebo – Trader 32 Series

Orange Gazebos

Bolder than yellow yet brighter than red, an orange gazebo can serve as something of a middle ground if you want something noticeable yet still bright enough to have a bit of novelty. An orange gazebo looks great in bright summer sunshine, making it another good option for summer gatherings or events. 
Additionally, the warm orange tone can also make this gazebo a natural fit for the autumn months. Once the leaves begin to turn a similar shade of orange your gazebo will be a natural fit whether in your garden or a social function. Of course if you keep it for the autumn season then there are also many possibilities at Halloween for a pumpkin shade gazebo. You could even decorate and light it in such a way that your orange gazebo could be a fantastic setting for Halloween events.

Pink Gazebos 

A bright pink gazebo certainly makes an impression, meaning it can be the perfect option if you have a specific party theme in mind. Pink is a popular option for children’s parties, particularly anything involving princesses or fictional characters associated with the colour. A pink gazebo works best when it is incorporated into an event with an existing theme or colour scheme, allowing the cheery shade to contribute to the festivities instead of appearing out of place. 
Pink is also a colour strongly associated with romance. If a couples focused event requires a gazebo, especially around Valentine’s day, then pink can be a very suitable option.

3m x 2m Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo

Maroon Gazebos

Maroon is a colour which lends itself well to subtler, more subdued events. Although darker than red, maroon still has a warm aspect to its colour and can be a fantastic fit for hearty celebrations. Family barbecues are a prime example of a setting where a maroon gazebo can fit right in, giving people a comfortable space to talk and get comfortable. Similar to orange, the shade of our maroon gazebo would be most pleasing in the autumn months, where it can suit the changing leaf aesthetic. 
Additionally, the subtle colour makes it very fitting for use in woodland events or areas. Many outdoor events must make contingency plans for rain or wind and a reliable maroon gazebo can offer plenty of shelter to enjoy such events if the weather takes a turn for the worse.
3m x 3m trader steel gazebo

Green Gazebos

Green is a pleasing, widely applicable colour because it fits into so many different themes and aesthetics. Of course a green gazebo is a suitable option for any event taking place near grass and trees, making it look like a natural part of the setting even if there is other busy activity in the area. Indeed, a green gazebo can be very suitable if the event revolves around any sort of environmental cause, contributing to the theme of the event and creating a cohesive visual for the guests.
3m x 6m steel gazebo

Lime Green Gazebos

Lime green is a brighter shade of green that lends itself well to celebrations and high energy events. Sporting events tend to be situated in parks or transport grounds that offer plenty of natural greenery to complement the brighter shade of this gazebo. Such events usually require first aid and supply housing in designated areas, something this gazebo can provide whilst also remaining inconspicuous and not detracting from the central attractions.

3m x 3m steel gazebo

Blue Gazebos

A deep shade of blue most commonly used for formal occasions, this blue pop up gazebo is a natural fit for events and interactions where you want to make a dignified yet personable impression. 
The formal occasions this colour is suitable for can often be celebrations and joyful occasions. Awards ceremonies or company formals are all events whose tone would perfectly accommodate a royal blue gazebo.

4m x 4m aluminium gazebo

Purple Gazebos

Purple is a colour strongly associated with significant occasions and is a great choice if the occasion you’re celebrating is a special one. Personal graduation parties and significant birthdays are all appropriate events for a purple gazebo, as the colour is dignified but also bright enough to fit in with a joyful atmosphere.
Indeed, other occasions where a purple gazebo may be suitable could include a wedding anniversary or engagement party.

3m x 3m steel gazebo

Grey Gazebos

A grey gazebo may not be as bright as other options, but it is a subtle, non-invasive option if you simply need a gazebo to get a job done.
Grey gazebos can fit into many different scenarios, unlike brighter colours, a grey gazebo won’t be the centre of attention at these events, instead you can focus on decorating it or arranging your materials to stand out in contrast to the muted gazebo colour, making a grey gazebo a very flexible option.
3m x 3m trader steel gazebo

Slate Grey Gazebos

A darker shade of grey such as slate grey is similar to a lighter shade in that it can be used in many different contexts. Gazebos aren’t only used in social or professional settings but can often be found in use as you walk around a city. A slate grey gazebo can be a perfect colour to use if you are working in an urban environment for a period of time. The slate grey will seem inconspicuous around the roads, buildings and pavements, allowing you to complete your project without making people passing by, excessively curious (a pink gazebo in the middle of a city may draw attention after all).
3m x 3m trader steel gazebo

Taupe Gazebos

A dark grey-brown colour makes taupe a pleasing, yet modest option for your pop up gazebo. Its colour blends especially well with garden patios, being a similar enough shade to fit in with slabs and stone but also different enough to add an extra splash of colour to your garden festivities. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or relaxing with close friends, a taupe gazebo can give your garden a dignified visual identity.

3m x 3m trader steel gazebo

Black Gazebos

A black gazebo can be a great option if you’re hosting a very formal or sombre event. Black is traditionally the colour of grieving and many funeral venues with outdoor areas can make use of a black pop up gazebo to keep the weather at bay, ensuring that a very important day goes according to plan. 
Interestingly,  a black gazebo is the best colour to absorb as much sunlight as possible, since fewer UV rays can get through your gazebo canopy. However as black absorbs the UV rays this also means that black gazebos retain heat the most, meaning a black gazebo could be more useful in the colder winter months than the hotter summer period.

White Gazebos

A pop up white gazebo is a wonderful option for any social occasions but they are often used during particularly special celebrations such as weddings. A white gazebo is essentially a blank canvas that you can decorate and customise to suit your individual needs. This makes them ideal for weddings as every bride and groom’s decoration will be different, giving you plenty of freedom to have the gazebo you want while also keeping in theme with the colour of the occasion.
In contrast to black gazebos, a white pop up gazebo can also be a fantastic choice for home use but in a different way. White surfaces reflect the UV rays of the sun instead of absorbing them, meaning a white canopy can keep the sun off your back while also keeping the heat out as well. This can make a white gazebo a perfect choice for home use if you’re hosting parties and enjoying the sunny, hot weather during the summer months.
3m x 3m trader steel gazebo

Discover our range of pop up gazebos 

Now that you have read our guide you should be able to make a much more informed decision about which colour pop up gazebo will best meet your specific needs. 
Discover our range of different coloured pop up gazebos.

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