Gazebo Lighting & Heaters

Easy to use gazebo lighting

Both of our gazebo lights are compatible with all of our gazebos. They are the ideal accessory for your gazebo at any event or exhibition. Our 3 way mains LED lighting kit has an ‘easy-to-clamp’ design, and our rechargeable LED strip light is not only compatible with all of our gazebos, but also with large umbrellas.

Both gazebo lights are suitable for use indoors and out. Our gazebo lighting is ideal for:
– Outdoor events/celebrations
– Camping trips
– Market stalls
– Indoor exhibitions
…to name just a few.

Gazebo heaters for exhibitions and events

Are you putting on an event outside and do not want the cold weather to deter visitors away from your gazebo or marquee? Our gazebo heater is compatible with all of our gazebos and heats up instantly. Our portable gazebo heater is a must-have for chilly winter nights and means that you can enjoy the warmth of the sunshine whatever the weather!

Whether you run your own market stall or attend regular events throughout the year – our portable, easy to use gazebo lighting & heaters mean that the season or weather forecast never has to deter your presence and success at events or exhibitions.

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