Template Downloads

Gazebo Dimensions .pdf format .ai format
1.5m x 1.5m pdfIcon epsIcon
2m x 2m pdfIcon epsIcon
2.5m x 2.5m pdfIcon epsIcon
3m x 2m  pdfIcon epsIcon
3m x 3m  pdfIcon epsIcon
3m x 4.5m pdfIcon epsIcon
3m x 6m pdfIcon epsIcon
4m x 4m pdfIcon epsIcon
4m x 6m pdfIcon epsIcon
4m x 8m pdfIcon epsIcon

Our standard colour references

Flag Dimensions .pdf format .ai format
Teardrop Flags pdfIcon epsIcon
Feather Flags pdfIcon epsIcon


Tablecover Dimensions .pdf format .ai format
5ft Tablecover pdfIcon
6ft Tablecover pdfIcon
1.6m Tablecover pdfIcon epsIcon
3m Tablecover pdfIcon epsIcon


Banner Dimensions .pdf format .ai format
3m Sky Banner pdfIcon epsIcon

Within these gazebo documents there are two print size options. (tablecloths and flags are all fully custom)

Full custom dye sublimation designs

  • you can use the whole panels
  • remove the walls windows and blinds
  • leave a print bleed past the stitch lines


The cheaper print application to our standard walls

  • you must keep within the smaller rectangular boxes with your design with no “solid objects” within your design no larger than 990mm wide
  • leave the walls windows and blinds and design in the below areas


Please call if you have any further questions.


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