Inflatable Gazebo Accessories

Selecting the right accessories for your inflatable Dome Shelter gazebo can really help you get the most out of your setup. Choosing an inflatable gazebo brings slightly different considerations to a regular gazebo, so all of our inflatable accessories are designed to account for these considerations while being both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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By their very nature, inflatable gazebos are lightweight and can weigh as little as just 13kg. While this is great for manoeuvrability, it does mean it’s a good idea to invest in some weights to keep your gazebo firmly on the ground in all weather conditions. Our sandbag weights, in particular, are designed to anchor your inflatable gazebo firmly without risking a puncture.

We also have a wide range of air pumps and compressors available to help you inflate your gazebo easily and without overexerting yourself. Whether you’re looking for a hand pump, mains electric pump, or even a rechargeable battery-powered pump, we’re sure to have something suitable for your needs.

All of our inflatable gazebo accessories are available for next working day delivery.

Please note: these accessories are exclusively for our inflatable gazebos. For regular gazebos, check out our general accessories and custom printed accessories.