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Discover pop up gazebos from Gazeboshop with matching sides available to purchase. Whether you’re looking for a small pop up gazebo for a garden gathering or a large pop up gazebo for a commercial event or special occasion, we have a temporary shelter that will work for you.

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Discover pop up gazebos from Gazeboshop with matching sides available to purchase. Whether you’re looking for a small pop up gazebo for a garden gathering or a large pop up gazebo for a commercial event or special occasion, we have a temporary shelter that will work for you.


What are pop up gazebos?

Pop up gazebos, also known as instant gazebos, easy up gazebos or portable gazebos, are temporary structures that can be quickly assembled and disassembled without any tools or complicated instructions. Our pop up gazebos are made of lightweight and durable materials including aluminium or heavy duty steel and a polyester and PVC canopy.

What are the benefits of pop up gazebos?

Pop up gazebos offer several benefits, including:

Quick and easy setup

Pop up gazebos can be set up within minutes without the need for any specialised tools or skills. This makes them ideal for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, picnics, or trade shows, where time is of the essence.

Portable and compact

Pop up gazebos are designed to be portable and compact, which means you can easily transport them from one location to another using a wheeled gazebo bag or a wheeled cart. They are also space-saving, as they can be folded down to a small size when not in use.

Versatile and customisable

Our gazebos come in different sizes, shapes, and colours which means you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. They can also be customised with accessories such as side walls heaters or lights to enhance their functionality and aesthetics.

Affordable and cost-effective

Pop up gazebos are a cost-effective alternative to permanent outdoor structures such as pergolas or pavilions. They can also move with you wherever you go.

What is the difference between a gazebo and a pop up gazebo?

A gazebo is a permanent or semi-permanent structure typically made from durable materials like wood, metal, or vinyl, and often includes a solid roof and built-in flooring, requiring a foundation or anchoring for stability. In contrast, a pop-up gazebo is a temporary, portable structure designed for quick assembly and disassembly, featuring a lightweight frame and fabric canopy, making it ideal for parties, trade events, market stalls, and other events that require shelter or branding.

What are the types of pop up gazebos?

We supply a variety of easy up gazebos, each suitable for different uses, including pop up garden gazebos, commercial gazebos and industrial gazebos. In strength order, these products include:

Clubman Instant Gazebos

Discover the Clubman Instant Gazebo, the number 1 choice for cost-effective gazebos. This entry-level steel gazebo is your ideal companion for domestic and leisure use, including garden parties, fundraisers and motocross clubs. We recommend this gazebo is stored away during the colder months.

Heavy Duty Steel Gazebos

Our Heavy Duty Steel Gazebo is a mid-range steel unit ideal for regular summer use and light winter usage. We recommend this gazebo as a pop up garden gazebo that is then stored away during the colder months.

Trade Gazebos (Trader Steel 32 Series)

Our strongest, commercial-grade heavy-duty steel frame unit, ideal for the regular user and start-up traders. This model makes a great market stall gazebo.

Aluminium 40 HEX Series

The Aluminium 40 HEX Series is the perfect commercial gazebo. Ideal for the regular professional user who is looking for a commercial grade lightweight instant aluminium shelter.

Aluminium Extreme 40 Series

A mid range, high-quality pop up gazebo, ideal for the regular commercial user.

Aluminium Extreme 50 HEX Series

The strongest and most reliable commercial gazebo you can buy. A firm favourite for the everyday user and the most sturdy hexagonal gazebo on the market.

How to choose the right pop up gazebo

The main things you’ll need to keep in mind are your budget, your usage needs (domestic or commercial), the frequency of usage and the space you have available in either your garden or at an event or trade stall.

We’ve put a complete pop up gazebo buying guide together to help you with making the choice.

Waterproof pop up gazebos

All of the gazebos across our ranges are waterproof pop up gazebos. The canopies are made of waterproof material, coupled with an internal PVC coat to ensure proper waterproofing. Please note that leaving pop up gazebos out in consistent rain or harsh weather is not recommended.

For an extra level of protection, discover our weatherproof gazebo range – the Aluminum 50 HEX Series.

Pop up gazebos with sides

We offer gazebos sides (also known as gazebo walls or gazebo side walls) for all of our pop up gazebos. It is simple and quick to add and remove sidewalls as needed.

We also provide a gazebo printing service for all the canopy parts of your pop up gazebo, so you can have your gazebo side walls printed with your branding and logo. The fabric we use provides total protection and is both 100% waterproof and fire-rated.

Choose a pop up marquee with sides from our extensive collection by applying the filters.

How to put up a pop up gazebo

For full instructions – view our guide on how to put up a pop up gazebo.

How to Assemble a Gazebo

  1. Place the gazebo frame in the desired location and gently pull the outer frame legs partially with a second person assisting on the opposite side.
  2. Place the canopy over the partially open frame and align three of the four corners. Lift the frame by the lower part of the truss bars until the frame is fully opened.
  3. Lock the slider bracket into place by holding the frame with one hand and lifting the slider bracket up into place until it locks. Once the upper part of the pop up gazebo is locked into place you can then pull down the canopy.
  4. Lift up each leg and slowly pull out the inner leg until it pops into place. Repeat with each leg and adjust height by using the pull pin adjuster.