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Explore our range of stretch tents for sale and make a lasting impression! With a variety of models available, our stretch tents are ideal for various occasions such as corporate gatherings, weddings, festivals, private parties and food fairs, a stretch tent provides a stylish and adaptable solution to any event.

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Often called stretch marquees, the name speaks for itself. The material can be stretched and shaped into various angles and corners, enabling you to design unique structures that complement your environment. With the elastic canvas, along with clamps and movable poles made of aluminium or sturdy eucalyptus wood, customisation is effortless, ensuring a secure and safe tent setup. 

Whether you need a sun canopy, a spacious awning, protection from rain, or a cosy lounge area, the versatility of these tents ensures they can fit any space, large or small. With their creative potential, they guarantee an unforgettable event experience.

In addition to their flexibility, stretch tents offer excellent durability and protection from the elements, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.

We provide three types of stretch tents: 

  • Hiflexx – Perfect for professional and permanent use over the long term.
  • Triflexx – Ideal for semi-professional use with durability for extended periods.
  • Easy-up Awana (also referred to as Easyflexx) – Suited for short-term occasions, offering quick setup and takedown.

Customers have the choice between a clamp or loop system when selecting our Triflexx and Hiflexx stretch tents. All our stretch tents are completely watertight and crafted from fire-retardant materials.

As dedicated UK distributors, we’re thrilled to offer Bonga stretch tents to the event industry. With their rising popularity, we’re excited to offer organisations a modern, adaptable, and stylish alternative to traditional gazebos and marquees.

Bonga, a manufacturer based in Belgium, specialises in producing high-quality stretch tents. Their meticulous production process ensures that each tent meets the highest standards. A dedicated team works tirelessly in the Ghent workshop, combining their craftsmanship and expertise in fabrics to create these exceptional stretch tents. The result is a Belgian-manufactured stretch tent of unmatched quality, available at a competitive price.

Whether you’re hosting a small celebration or a large-scale event, whether you need quick setup or extensive coverage, discover the many benefits of a stretch tent today and impress your visitors, customers, and guests.

For specific requirements and to discuss lead times, reach out to our team on 01295 258922. Please note that stretch tents are custom-made products and, unfortunately, cannot be returned or refunded.