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What Size Gazebo Do I Need?

West Norwood Feast street market

  Whether it’s at home or at an event, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the pouring rain or trying to push your way through a huddled crowd to get to the buffet table. That’s why, when it comes to finding the perfect gazebo, you need to choose the correct size. There are a …Read more

Gazebo Canopy Care and Maintenance

Gazebo Canopy Care

What is a gazebo canopy? Quite simply, a gazebo canopy is the fabric roof which sits on top of the metal frame of a gazebo. The material is most commonly canvas or polyester, making the structure lightweight and easily portable – ideal for when you’re in need of portable shade at short notice. Gazebo canopies …Read more

Which Gazebo is best for a Garden Party?

Gazebos and temporary shelters are the perfect addition to your outdoor garden party as they provide shelter and ambience for you and your guests.  One of the main benefits of purchasing a gazebo is that there are so many options available, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the gazebo that’s …Read more

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Seating Space

A lot of us have spent many days and evenings sitting in our gardens over the past year or so, even more than ever! But although much of this was because we’ve had to adjust to ‘staying at home’, for many people spending time in the garden has given us a newfound love for our …Read more

How much are Brits spending on getting their gardens ready for the summer?

With lockdown restrictions easing in the UK and the summer fast-approaching, many Brits across the country are getting their gardens ready to host friends and family. Since homeowners are keen to spruce up their flowerbeds and redesign their patio area in preparation for relaxing with guests in the sun, gardeners are getting ready for a …Read more

Heating A Gazebo In Winter

Can you use a pop up gazebo in winter? In short, yes, you can! But it’s probably not a good idea to leave a pop up gazebo out for long periods of time during the winter as they aren’t designed for excessive use during the colder and harsher months. It is always recommended that you …Read more

5 Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

5 outdoor wedding reception ideas

With spring edging closer, many couples will be getting ready to host an outdoor wedding, and tying the knot in the British outdoors can provide an enchanting backdrop on the big day. Outdoor weddings offer a personal and sentimental feel and can be less expensive than indoor venues. In this blog post, we will cover …Read more

How To Organise A Pop Up Event

What is a pop up event? Pop up events are events that pop up for a brief period of time and then pop down again. They are a great tactic for giving companies the opportunity to sell their products in an environment completely designed and controlled by them, and because they’re not permanent, they are …Read more

How To Write A Sales Pitch

Your sales pitch shows a prospect that you are the best person for their job. It’s often the first impression the customer will get from you and your company. So how you write, prepare and deliver your sales pitch is crucial to the success of your business. Luckily, writing a winning sales pitch isn’t as …Read more

Guide to Organising Micro Weddings

Micro weddings were a popular phenomenon this summer. As the lockdown was lifted, the government initially relaxed restrictions on small ceremonies, allowing up to 30 people to attend. Boris Johnson has now announced that, from the 28th September 2020, this number will be reduced to just 15 attendees at the reception. With the right group …Read more

Hospitality Gazebos for Pubs & Restaurants

Gazeboshop is one of the leading suppliers of gazebos for pubs, restaurants and other firms in the hospitality industry. Recognised for the quality of our products and printing work, we’ve helped a wide range of hospitality businesses to create attractive outdoor seating areas that keep customers comfortable and give them a reason to stay. With …Read more

Bring the party home with our garden gazebos

Our garden gazebos and party tents are great for making the most of your outdoor space at home regardless of the weather. Use our gazebos to create a cosy covered seating area in your garden for you, your family and friends to enjoy, offering protection from the sun and any sudden downpours. For larger gatherings, …Read more

‘Al Fresco Pubs’: Creating the Perfect Pub Beer Garden Experience

As part of the government’s support for pubs, cafes and restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on outdoor eating and drinking have been eased. The move has been hailed as a vital step in the “road to recovery” for the hospitality industry – and the ‘al fresco pub’ concept is set to become a popular …Read more

How To Fundraise Online

So you want to run an online fundraiser? Firstly, we applaud your charitable spirit and determination to make a difference! Secondly, we want to help you reach the full potential of your fundraising efforts, so we’ve produced this handy guide covering every aspect of raising money online. If you’re still working out which cause you …Read more

How To Run Online Events

Organising an online event sounds like it should be an easy task compared to a typical physical event. However, there are many pitfalls and potential obstacles to be wary of when planning an online event. From deciding on the type of event you want to run to tricky tech issues, we have put together a …Read more

Gazeboshop’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused disruption to societies and economies around the world. Here in the UK, businesses in a wide range of industries have been hit hard by the lockdown that has been imposed, with many companies being forced to close temporarily. We would like to reassure all of our customers that Gazeboshop …Read more

How To Fundraise – An Essential Guide

You’ve made the decision to fundraise for a worthy charity – that’s a cause for celebration! You’ll be raising money for people in need and making a real difference in the world. Yet fundraising is not a straightforward endeavour – it requires meticulous planning and commitment to make a campaign successful. Fortunately, we’ve set out …Read more

How To Start A Catering Business

Do you love to cook and want to turn your passion into your profession? Opening a catering business is a great way to do so, but with so many things to consider taking the first step can be hard… What type of catering business do you plan to set-up? Would you work from home or …Read more

How To Plan A Wedding

Hands with wedding rings

Planning a wedding is something that many of us dream of doing from a young age. You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and now there’s just the small matter of arranging the wedding day itself. We’ve put together a wedding planning checklist to help you make sure …Read more

Striking Gazebo Podium for Repeat Customer Andy Smith Events

Last year we were approached by a former customer, Andy Smith Events – ASE Racing of Swindon, Wiltshire. Andy initially purchased a 3m x 4.5m Aluminium Extreme 40 Series gazebo in Royal Blue, along with two printed medium feather flags and a 6ft Folding Table earlier on in the year. Having been impressed with the …Read more

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