Pegs for Stretch Tents

View our range of 80cm pegs for stretch tents, available in sets of 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 or 22 - to help anchor down the different models of Bonga stretch tent canopies we stock. Larger stretch canopies will require a larger quantity of pegs. View each individual peg set to see which canopy they are compatible with.

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Pegs sets and a good pegging technique are essential to the safe and effective operation of our stretch tents. When a stretch tent is exposed to wind pressures, it changes form, which has a considerable impact on the forces that the pegs or anchors must withstand to prevent the stretch tent from collapsing.

You’ll also find a handy peg puller, which allows you to remove different types of tent pegs with a diameter up to 30mm easily, for a simple set down process of your stretch tent.

View the rest of our stretch tent accessories and stretch tents for a complete set up.