Aftercare FAQs

If I have an accident, do you offer a repair service?

We stock a full range of gazebo spares and replacement parts for our entire product range. Please email [email protected] with photos of each part required and your gazebo frame to ensure the correct parts are sent out to you.

Do I need to anchor my pop up gazebo down?

Yes, your gazebo must be always adequately anchored, as weather conditions can change throughout the day. Without proper anchoring, a gazebo can be blown over and cause not only irreversible damage to the gazebo shelter itself but could also lead to damaging other property. Your gazebo comes supplied with a standard tie-down kit, suitable for soft ground.The best practice is to anchor the straps to the frame itself, and not the canopy. If the straps are attached to the canopy in severe wind, this can cause the material to rip, which will then be void under warranty.Customers erecting their gazebo on hardstanding ground (such as concrete or tarmac) can purchase leg weights to secure their unit.We recommend:

  • Units up to 3m x 3m - a minimum of 15kg per leg
  • Units up to 3m x 6m - a minimum of 20kg per leg
  • Units up to 4m x 8m - a minimum of 25kg per leg
Extra weights should be added if sidewalls are attached and/or if the weather forecast requires.

Are spare parts available?

All of our pop-up gazebos are built to last and made from the very best components to ensure long-lasting satisfaction, however, should any part of your pop-up gazebo ever get damaged, we stock a full range of spare parts for next working day delivery. Our spare parts are available to purchase here.It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct spare part(s) are ordered as they’re non-refundable; therefore, if you’re unsure which gazebo frame you have, please email [email protected] with photos of each part required and the gazebo frame you have, to ensure the correct replacement parts are sent out to you.

Do your gazebos come supplied with warranty?

All of our gazebos are made from the very best components to ensure long-lasting satisfaction and are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of up to three years (against manufacturing defects). To confirm the length of your frame warranty, please refer to the frame you are purchasing for more information, and for further guidance please refer to our warranty policy.Please note canopies and sidewalls (for all frame ranges) come with a 12-month warranty.Our pop-up gazebos are not permanent structures and should not be left unattended for prolonged periods of time (especially in adverse weather). Damage caused through improper use or incorrect anchoring of structures in adverse weather, such as strong winds, snowfall, or heavy rain, will not be covered under our warranty. Our full terms & conditions can be found on our website.

Is the gazebo fabric easy to clean?

The best policy when cleaning a gazebo is to act quickly! As soon as you see a spot or a mark, wipe it away to ensure that it doesn’t leave a stain. If left without cleaning, the canvas canopy or sidewalls are at risk of becoming moldy or stained, especially in the damper months.To clean your canopy and walls we recommend using a mild solution of warm soapy water, a soft scrubbing brush, and cleaning by hand. Do not use pressure washers or steam cleaners as this will affect the material and waterproofing. None of the coverings are machine washable. Those looking for how to clean a gazebo should also know that removing tree sap and dirt immediately is the best policy, as it will make cleaning the gazebo far easier.

How do I maintain and protect my gazebo?

Keep your gazebo as good as new all year round by following these simple and easy tips!How to Store: Gazebo canopies are not designed to be left out all year long, as adverse weather (such as strong winds, snowfall or heavy rain) can cause irreparable damage. Pools of water or snow can stretch the canvas, weakening the material and causing tears, and strong wind can cause the gazebo to uplift. Even long periods of intense sunshine can lead to discolouration. Here's how you can protect your gazebo in winter.Most importantly, when putting your gazebo away, make sure the fabric isn’t wet, as this can cause discolouration or mould. The walls and canopy should be completely dry before storing for any length of time. If they are wet or damp when packing away after using the gazebo, you must unpack them and dry them out thoroughly before storing them away. Use a gazebo storage bag for protection.You can download our owner's manual for tips on how to maintain your gazebo frame etc.

How do I assemble my pop up gazebo?

Most of our gazebos can be easily erected with two people in under 60 seconds by following the assembly gazebo instructions. Here’s our helpful guide to putting up a gazebo.

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