FAQs for Stretch Tents

Why buy a wedding stretch tent as opposed to hiring?

Stretch tents are a popular choice for wedding planners, event organisers, venues, and hospitality providers seeking to enhance their offerings. Purchasing a stretch tent offers long-term value, customisation options, and the ability to cater to diverse event requirements.

What stretch tent size is suitable for my event?

The stretch tent size you will need depends on what you will be using the stretch tent for, the location, and the number of guests. Please refer to the table below for guidance:


From - Max

From - Max

5m x 6.5m

24 to 27

10 to 14

6.5m x 6.5m

30 to 35

15 to 18

6.5m x 10m

60 to 65

28 to 32

8.5m x 10m

80 to 85

38 to 42

10m x 10m90 to 100

45 to 50

10m x 12m110 to 120

55 to 60

10m x 15m140 to 150

70 to 75

10m x 20m180 to 200

85 to 100

15m x 20m250 to 300

120 to 150

Can I erect a stretch tent on hard standing ground, such as tarmac?

This is possible however it is the user’s responsibility to find a solid alternative anchoring option to pegs. We recommend a minimum of 300kg to each anchoring point referenced as referenced in the product manual.

Do you supply wooden poles with carabiner rigging for the Awana stretch tents?

All Awana stretch tents are supplied with an aluminium pole set regardless. However, wooden poles with carabiner rigging are available to purchase on request (as an optional extra). Please contact the team on 01295 258922 for further information.

What is the difference between the Bonga pole sets?

A Standard Aluminium pole set has a 40mm pole diameter whereas a Commercial Aluminium Heavy Duty pole set is 60mm in diameter and is supplied with carabiner rigging.We also stock a Eucalyptus wooden pole sets with carabiner rigging. Please call us on 01295 258922 for prices and more details.

At what wind speed should I take my stretch tent down?

As a rule, regular tension and rig checks should be conducted to ensure the tents are always anchored securely. As a precaution, it is also advisable to monitor weather conditions and MET Office predictions. MET Office Beaufort wind force scale is linked below.The Awana stretch tents can resist wind speeds of 17 to 27 mph (5 to 6 on the Beaufort scale).Whereas our range of Bonga stretch tents is manufactured to stand for longer periods and is wind resistant up to wind speeds of 34 to 47 mph (8 to 9 on the Beaufort scale). It can withstand pulling forces up to 1000 N / 5 cm.Our double-coated stretch tents are perfect for long-term semi-professional use (from a couple of weeks up to a couple of months) and you can easily set them up with two or three persons, depending on the size.

What are the main differences between Awana and Bonga stretch tents?

The Awana is suitable for short-term occasions such as birthday celebrations, dinner parties, and barbecues with friends. Lightweight and compact, the tent is easy to carry, making it a popular choice for quick, temporary set-ups such as a nice picnic or a spontaneous day out by the sea.Available in two colour combinations and three sizes, the Awana is ideal for creating a nice, shaded spot, wherever, whenever, and with whoever you are out and about with!However, if you need your tent to stand for several weeks or months continuously, without doubt, the best choice is our Bonga Triflexx double-coated stretch tent.The combination of the very high tensile strength (1000 N/5 cm), the weight of the canvas (560 g/m²) and the PVC coating on both sides of the canvas ensures that this tent can remain upright for long periods without any problem. The tent remains easy to erect due to the canvas and the high tensile strength makes it possible for the tent to be used intensively for long periods.

Is the stretch tent fabric waterproof?

The triflexx double-coated canopy of the Bonga stretch tents is 100% waterproof and made from fire retardant material that is specifically developed for a commercial market. The 560 g/m² cloth consists of three layers and is treated on the outside with a protective waterproof PVC coating.Similarly, the exterior of the woven elastic stretch material used to manufacture the Awana tents has a watertight PVC coating.

Can the canopy be attached to outbuildings?

Yes, you can attach Bonga stretch tents to buildings, fencing, and trees. To rig it up to alternative anchoring points, you will need to source the necessary attachments, such as ringbolts for walls or ratchet straps for trees.  

Can you connect stretch tents together?

Yes, you can join different size Bonga stretch tents together via a guttering and clamping system, however, the joining sides need to be the same length, e.g. a 6.5m x 5m can be connected to a 6.5m x 10m but along the 6.5m side only.This system of combining stretch tents works particularly well for venues that host a range of different events throughout the year. From creating two smaller set-ups separate from each other one weekend to then combining them for larger-scale events – it's good to have options!Please contact the team for pricing and more information.

Could you explain the stretch tent set-up options to me?

With a stretch tent, you really can do anything - lending itself perfectly to many events, including corporate gatherings, weddings, festivals, private parties, and food fairs.Various designs are possible with the Bonga stretch tents, thanks to the stretch fabric and the movable clamps and tensioning points. In theory, there are countless potential designs for the Bonga stretch tent, but in general, we distinguish between three types of design.SAFARI SET-UP: The safari design makes use of fewer poles but more clamps. Depending on the size of the tent you have between one and three side poles on one side. Beneath the most central of the three clamps is a side pole. The clamps on both sides of the pole are pulled to the same anchoring point. Because fewer poles are used, the final appearance is lighter and more playful. For the safari design, you will need all the accessories supplied, but you will have several poles left over.STANDARD SET-UP: With the standard design, clamps are attached to the canvas every two meters, and a pole is attached under each clamp. The poles vary in length, resulting in the typical zig-zag-shaped design of a stretch tent. The corner poles are therefore the lowest. The next pole is higher, and the next one lower again. With a standard design, you can make the maximum use of the covered area. For this design, you use all the poles supplied, but you do not need all the accessories supplied.FREESTYLE SET-UP: One of the advantages of the Bonga stretch tent is the freedom of design. In addition to the two regular design options, you can let your creativity go wild and even experiment with the design; open sides, closed sides, a combination of both, part safari design, part standard design - the sky is the limit. Even when the tent has already been erected, you can easily change the configuration by adding or removing poles or clamps!

All our Awana stretch tents can be set up in two basic ways: “SUNNY SIDE-UP” - with the poles in the corners or “CROOKED CORNERS” whereby the poles are on the sides and the corners are pulled down towards anchoring.Please note the set-up for SUNNY SIDE-UP is only recommended on windless and relatively dry days. Please refer to the product manuals for step-by-step instructions on how to set each layout up.In addition, the two larger Awana tents can be set up for “POLAR PEAK” the only configuration to use a. This layout is not possible with the 4.2m x 4.2m Awana tent.

Can a stretch tent be set-up anywhere?

Essentially yes, stretch tents can be constructed on uneven grounds and can also be attached seamlessly to buildings, making them a great choice for all types of events in all types of terrain.

If I order today, when can I expect delivery of my stretch tent?

Neither the Bonga nor Awana Stretch Tents are kept in stock. Customers should allow approximately 15 working days for delivery from the date of order. Our Sales team will keep you informed about the delivery date.Should you require one for a specific date, we recommend calling us on 01295 258922, before placing your order, to discuss your requirements and lead times.

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