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How To Put Up A Gazebo

Most of our gazebos can be easily erected with two in under 60 seconds by following the instructions. At Gazeboshop, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and unbeatable customer service. It makes sense, therefore, that we provide a comprehensive guide on how to put up a gazebo, so you can make the most of your purchase for years to come.

Note: The guide below is applicable to all of our Aluminium Extreme 40, Aluminium Extreme 50, Heavy Duty Steel, Trader Steel, and Aluminium Prolite gazebos. If you do have any specific queries, get in touch with one of our team. On larger structures such as the 4x4m, 4x6m and 4x8m models we recommend 4 people to erect these units

What To Do When Your Gazebo Arrives

Your gazebo will normally arrive in 3 cartons. One containing the fully assembled frame with storage bag and anchoring tie down kit, one containing the canopy and one containing the sidewall set if purchased. If you’ve ordered dye sublimation printed gazebos, these are typically packaged in the same way.

Step-by-step guide for erecting your gazebo:

Step 1

The first step to erecting a gazebo is to fix the canopy to the frame. Make the frame stand up and adjust some weight to one of the four corners, before stretching the entire frame out.

Step 2

Once the gazebo frame has been extended, place the gazebo canopy over the partially open frame and align three of the four corners. Lift the frame by the lower part of the truss bars until the frame of the pop up gazebo is fully opened. This should make the frame fall into place. Given the range of sizes of gazebos that we sell, it may take 2 or more people to help erect it.

Step 3

Lock the gazebo slider bracket into place by holding the frame with one hand and lifting the slider bracket up into place until it locks. Pull the canopy down.

Step 4

Once the upper part of the gazebo is locked into place you can then pull down the canopy. Lift each leg and slowly pull out the inner leg until it pops into place. Repeat with each leg and adjust gazebo height by using the pull pin adjuster on the leg.

Check out our video on How to Erect a Pop up Gazebo below.


How Do I Anchor My Gazebo?

The next step in how to put up a gazebo is anchoring the gazebo. Without proper anchoring, a gazebo can be blown over and cause not only irreversible damage to the gazebo shelter itself, but could also lead to damaging other property. Your gazebo comes supplied with a standard tie down kit, suitable for soft ground.


Best practice is to anchor the straps to the frame itself, and not the canopy. If the straps are attached to the canopy in severe wind, this can cause the material to rip, which will then be void under warranty. When securing your gazebo on hard standing ground – such as concrete or tarmac – we recommend the use of either steel stacking or sandbag leg weights.


Where Do I Place My Gazebo?

Your gazebo can be placed on any even ground, yet even with the right equipment and know-how, a gazebo will not be safe to use if placed in a hazardous location. Proper placement of your gazebo is essential, both for aesthetic and safety reasons. For instance, avoid placing the gazebo underneath electrical lines (for obvious reasons). Keep children under close supervision if they are running around the gazebo, as anchoring guy ropes or straps could cause a trip hazard. Finally, do not assemble the gazebo if any part, big or small, is missing – it could prove crucial to the structure of the gazebo.


How To Dismantle Your Gazebo

Gazebos are not permanent structures should not be left unattended for prolonged periods of time, as they are only temporary structures even our Heavy Duty Steel Gazebos. Not only can adverse weather damage the material over time, but dark colours will also fade after long exposure to the sun. It is therefore imperative that people know how to disassemble their gazebo quickly and safely. For many of our gazebos, it is simply a case of reversing the steps for outlined above.

To start dismantling your gazebo, hold the outer leg, pull the pull pin height adjuster and slowly lower the frame until leg is fully retracted. Repeat this operation with each leg. Unlock the pull pin slider bracket and pull the slider bracket down slowly until the bracket is free from the locked position. Gently push the frame inward from the outer legs, allowing the frame to fold inward and close. Be careful not to pinch your fingers in the gazebo during closing! Completely fold the frame, making sure the canopy is not trapped between the crossbars.

erecting gazebo instructions


How To Store Your Gazebo Canopy And Walls

Ensure the canopy and walls are completely dry before storing for any length of time. If they are wet or damp when packing away after using the gazebo, you must unpack them and dry them out thoroughly before storing away.

If gazebos are stored wet, damp will likely build up on the fabric, dulling the colour and sometimes even causing damage. Once discoloured, it is very difficult to restore a gazebo to its original condition. Therefore, make sure that you leave it out to dry before storing.

All of our gazebos are delivered with storage bags. However, if the original bag is lost or damaged after regular use, it is advisable that you purchase a replacement. With a wide selection of bags on offer, some wheeled for ease of manoeuvrability, take your pick of gazebo storage bags.


Can the canopy stay attached to my pop up gazebo?

We do not recommend leaving the canopy attached to the frame when transporting your gazebo. Leaving the canopy may save time for some, but once you become familiar with the system it only takes a couple of minutes to remove and refit the canopy

If the pop up gazebo is being transported often in a vehicle, we strongly recommend not leaving the canopy attached. Vibrations and shaking during transport can cause the frame parts and joints to rub against the fabric and PVC coating and thus inflict damage to the canvas.

While this damage can be minimised by transporting the pop up gazebo in a vertical position, we would like to stress that if the canopy is attached this is at the users own risk. Extreme care must be taken as the fabric can easily get caught up in the gazebo mechanism which can cause holes and these damages are not covered under warranty.


How To Clean My Gazebo

The best policy when cleaning a gazebo is to act quickly. As soon as you see a spot or a mark, wipe it away to ensure that it doesn’t leave a stain. We recognise that many of our customers use our gazebos at outside events where they are likely to get dirty so our gazebos are very easy to clean.

For those wanting to know how to clean a gazebo, we recommend a mild solution of warm soapy water with a soft scrubbing brush. Do not use pressure washers or steam cleaners as this will affect the material and waterproofing. None of the coverings are machine washable. Those looking for how to clean a gazebo should also know that removing sap and dirt immediately is the best policy, as it will make cleaning the gazebo far easier.

If you have any further questions around how to put up your gazebo or have any queries around your gazebo then please get in touch with one of our team today.