Triflexx Stretch Tents

If you own a function space, venue, pub garden or perhaps you are an event organiser - make a statement with a spectacular Triflexx Doublecoated Stretch Tent - ideal for a stretch tent wedding.

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We are proud to be a UK distributor for Belgium-based, Bonga Stretch Tents and with stretch tents fast becoming the event industry’s “tent of choice”, we are thrilled to be able to offer organisations a fresh, flexible and stylish alternative to traditional gazebos and marquees.

One of the main advantages of these double coated stretch tents is the freedom of design. When the weather is nice, you set it up with four open sides, when it’s windy with one or more closed sides and in case of rainfall you can set up the tent almost completely closed.

The canopy is 100% waterproof and made from fire retardant material that is specifically developed for a commercial market, making for the perfect wedding gazebo. Not only this, the tents can be constructed on grounds of all types and can also be attached to buildings in a similar way to how an awning works, making them a great choice for all types of events in all types of terrain. From large-scale festivals and fairs to outdoor wedding venues – it’s easy to see why they’re perfect for a wide range of celebrations!

Ideal for long-term, commercial use (from a couple of weeks up to a couple of months) these tents can be easily set up with two or three people (depending on the size). Everything is then held in place with poles to ensure a secure and safe solution.

Looking for a canopy that’s suitable for short-term occasions and that’s easier to transport? Browse our range of portable, easy-up Awana stretch tents. Check out our stretch tent wedding gallery to see pictures of our stretch tents in action.

Talk to the team on 01295 258922 for specific requirements and to discuss lead times. Stretch tents are custom-made products and, regrettably, cannot be returned or refunded.

Stretch Tent FAQs

Can stretch tents be customised?

There are a collection of colours and poles to choose from when it comes to customising your stretch tent. They are very easy to decorate inside and put your stamp on things if you wish.

Alternatively, if you want fully custom printing options for promotional or branding purposes- check out our printed gazebos.


Are stretch tents suitable for challenging spaces?

Yes, one of the great advantages of stretch tents is their versatility. They can adapt to various terrains and irregular spaces, making them suitable for almost any venue. Their flexible and modular design allows for creative setups even in challenging locations.

How quickly can stretch tents be set up, and are they suitable for temporary or permanent installations?

Depending on the size and complexity, they can be erected in a matter of hours. Their adaptability makes them suitable for both temporary events and semi-permanent or permanent installations, offering a flexible solution for different needs.