Supply of Artwork

Here at Gazeboshop our specialty is digitally printed gazebos and we pride ourselves on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.
We provide a free artwork mock-up service for all our customers and our in-house design team work hard to turnaround visuals within 24hrs* of receiving your enquiry.

In order for our expert team to create you a high quality custom print we ask that you please follow these guidelines for submitting your artwork to us.
We will, of course, endeavour to produce the best results possible, however if these guidelines are not met, we cannot guarantee an accurate finish.
We can print any logo, text or image but we always aim and advise towards the best quality print. ‘Vector’ based artwork is recommended for logos, text and graphics as this creates a perfect and clear line. All other images and pictures will be ‘raster’ (pixel based). While vector artwork can be scaled to any size, pixel based formats need to be the highest dpi and quality you have, otherwise pixelation (a blurred and grainy image) will occur. Please supply your artwork in the following formats:

*Lead times may vary during peak time.


Vector Images – for logos, text & graphics


• Images made up of lines and curves (paths).
• Used for logos, text and simple graphics.
• Will always appear smooth no matter how large you make it or how close you zoom in.
• Small file size.

Artwork can be supplied in formats such as:

.ai = Adobe Illustrator
.cdr = Corel Draw
.eps = Universal file type
.pdf = Universal file type
.svg = Universal file type



All Vector files must have their fonts converted to curves, or have the fonts sent or embedded into the file if saved as text.


Raster Images – for photos & illustrations


• Images made up of small dots (pixels). 
• Used for photographs and highly detailed illustrations.

• When zoomed in or enlarged, you will be able to see the square outlines of each pixel.
• Larger file size.

Artwork can be supplied in formats such as:

.tif = Universal file type
.bmp = Universal file type
.jpg (.jpeg) = Universal file type
.png = Universal file type
.psd = Adobe Photoshop


Pixel based artwork should be supplied to full printed size at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher. This usually results in a larger file size.
The smaller the image the lower quality of print, we can print from 300dpi to 72dpi. If a pixel based image is sent with a background it would have to match the gazebo colour, be transparent (only supported in tif, png and psd formats) or have a vector outline. We could not guarantee the invisibility of your background box as this would look like an applied patch.


Colour Guidelines


Please provide all artwork and logos in CMYK colour format (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key – Black). This is the preferred format for colour printing, and should not be confused with RGB (Red, Green, Blue), which is how screens display digital colour.  When colour matching please refer to printed CMYK or Pantone colour books, as RGB screen colours can not always be reproduced when printing.


Sending Artwork

Please email your artwork/logos to

If your artwork is larger than 9MB this may be too big to email.
You can upload it to and we can download it that way.





While we do our best to catch things like misspellings, there is the outside chance that typographical errors could be overlooked.

At the time of proofing your order/artwork, if you do notice a mistake, please contact your account manager or note it on the paperwork accordingly. We will be more than happy to make any corrections or changes promptly and for no additional charge*. All changes must be confirmed in writing (email is acceptable).

*Please note: More proofs can be requested free of charge within reason, a further charge may apply depending on your amendment requests after the third proof has been supplied.

It is very important to carefully look over the visual before replying with your approval.

Your final approved design is what goes into print production.

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