Vibrant Market Stalls for Edinburgh Christmas Market

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- Tania Pramschufer, Director of Hand Up Events & Local Motive Markets

The Challenge

Gazeboshop, a trusted supplier of pop-up gazebos, has a rich history of serving market traders and operators.


In 2017, Tania from Hand Up Events, sister company of LocalMotive Markets, faced the challenge of finding robust and sturdy pop-up gazebos for the official Edinburgh Christmas Market. The gazebos needed to withstand the demands of the festive season, providing reliable cover for traders joining the event.


Castle Street Market is one of the most well established markets in Edinburgh, running since 2007. The market has to be in one of the world’s most beautiful locations on Castle Street, in the heart of Edinburgh, looking up to the the majestic Edinburgh Castle, facing onto Princes Street. The Castle Street Christmas Market in Edinburgh, is organised by LocalMotive Markets & Events, a social action events company, collaborates with Hand Up Events to create high-footfall shopping platforms, including markets on Castle Street, Ocean Terminal, fashion events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and bespoke event support.

Gazeboshop's Solution

“Tania at Hand Up Events approached Gazeboshop with a unique challenge, and we were delighted to provide a tailored solution. The 3m x 3m Red & White Aluminium Extreme 50 HEX Series gazebos, renowned for their strength and durability, surpassed expectations. They created an inviting and sheltered space for market stalls, contributing to the success of the Edinburgh Christmas Market.


Additional accessories, including 12.5kg Steel Stacking Leg Weights, Infrared Halogen Heaters, 3m Gutters and Heavy Duty Tie Down Kits, were supplied to enhance stability and functionality. We take pride in being a part of such festive events, ensuring our customers’ satisfaction with our reliable and durable products.” – Claudia, Sales Team



The Castle Street Christmas Market in Edinburgh, organised by LocalMotive Markets and Hand Up Events, transforms into a winter wonderland with the help of dependable gazebos supplied by Gazeboshop. Our gazebos play a crucial role in providing cover for numerous stalls offering quality gifts and delicious food options. The joined-together rows of 3m x 3m Red & White gazebos not only deliver a visually appealing solution but also contribute to creating a festive atmosphere that delights both vendors and visitors.

Key Takeaways

On Budget Success:

The project was completed within the allocated budget, highlighting Gazeboshop’s commitment to cost-effective solutions.

Timely Delivery:

The project was completed within the agreed-upon time frame.

Customer Satisfaction:

Claudia from the Sales Team expressed pride in contributing to festive events, ensuring customer satisfaction with reliable and durable products.

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