Do I need to anchor my pop up gazebo down?

Yes, your gazebo must be always adequately anchored, as weather conditions can change throughout the day. Without proper anchoring, a gazebo can be blown over and cause not only irreversible damage to the gazebo shelter itself but could also lead to damaging other property. Your gazebo comes supplied with a standard tie-down kit, suitable for soft ground.

The best practice is to anchor the straps to the frame itself, and not the canopy. If the straps are attached to the canopy in severe wind, this can cause the material to rip, which will then be void under warranty.

Customers erecting their gazebo on hardstanding ground (such as concrete or tarmac) can purchase leg weights to secure their unit.

We recommend:

  • Units up to 3m x 3m – a minimum of 15kg per leg
  • Units up to 3m x 6m – a minimum of 20kg per leg
  • Units up to 4m x 8m – a minimum of 25kg per leg

Extra weights should be added if sidewalls are attached and/or if the weather forecast requires.

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