What if my logo isn’t good enough to print?

Don’t worry, Gazeboshop can help!


Logos supplied in jpeg format may need to be redrawn for printing. Pixel-based raster logos are generally not suitable for large-scale printing and cannot be enlarged without losing quality. We can redraw low-resolution logos to vector format – there will be an additional fee for this service. Unfortunately, not all low-resolution logos can be redrawn; if the logo is too pixelated, we may not be able to offer a redraw.


Simply email your logo/artwork files over to [email protected] and we’ll check the quality of the files for you, confirming whether a redraw is required or not. Price is subject to the sight of your logo/artwork files.


Once your logo has been redrawn into a vector format it is then suitable for large-scale prints and you will be able to use it for just about anything; from a promo bag to a magnificent billboard, you won’t need to worry about blurry, jagged edges anymore!

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