How to Decorate a Pop Up Gazebo


A pop up gazebo is a great addition to any garden or patio. They are easy to set up and take down, and are a great way to provide shade and protection from the sun and rain. 
In the summer months particularly, garden parties, BBQs and outdoor events are what’s on everyone’s mind. So, if you’re hosting any of the above, we’ve provided some tips on how to decorate your pop up gazebo so that it’s on theme and looks the part.

What to consider when decorating your pop up gazebo

Take a look at our gazebo decoration ideas and put your decorative stamp on your gazebo by using lighting, furniture and accessories.

Lighting is key

Decorating a gazebo with lights is one of the most impactful ways to uplift your space. Not only this, but there are so many different types of lighting you can choose from and this makes it easy to create different moods and effects.
Some of the most popular choices include lanterns or string lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance, with hundreds of options ranging from shapes, sizes and colours.  Alternatively, you can use spotlights or floodlights to highlight certain items within the gazebo, for example a pop-up bar.
You don’t have to spend a small fortune to light up your space either, you can make your own jar lanterns by hanging old jars filled with tiny fairy lights from the structure, which can be picked up cheaply from many department stores or online – just make sure they’re hung high enough so no one walks into them!
yellow light bokeh on black background
Note: It is best to use battery powered or solar powered lights in your gazebo to ensure the safety of your guests.

Make it yours, with furniture

Move your outdoor furniture into your gazebo to provide plenty of space for sitting. Not got outdoor furniture? Bring your indoor furniture out into the garden and arrange it around the gazebo.

The furniture inside your gazebo doesn’t have to match or be perfect to look great – an eclectic mismatch of chairs and tables can look fun and unique. Try looking at local marketplaces, second hand stores and community groups on social media to see if any local people are giving away chairs or other interesting furniture.
You can then decorate the furniture however you see fit – having a bright, colourful garden party? Try painting chairs with different colours or patterns. Keeping the colours a bit more subdued? Try painting them black, white or grey. Alternatively, a throw or large cushion on top of furniture adds instant style. 

Double up as a drink serving station

As the days become longer and the temperature rises, a few of us will be enticed by the thought of a cool beer in the sun, a fizzy drink or a couple of fresh cocktails. If you’re one of these people, a little bar serving beers, soft drinks, cocktails and mocktails is a great idea and can make your gazebo set up appear more complete and enticing – not to mention a great decorative piece!
You can create a mini bar in your gazebo in a few different ways:
Keep things simple by purchasing a portable, counter-style pop-up table to store and serve particular beverages, or a rattan table with an ice bucket built in.
If you want to keep it simple, set up a standard dining table and load it with various fruits, alcohol, and soft drinks. Set out glasses, straws, and stirrers, and leave the rest to your guests; they’ll enjoy mixing their own drinks and testing new mixtures all night.

clear wine glass with red liquid inside

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise 

Add some finishing touches to your gazebo with cushions, throws and outdoor rugs. This will make it a really inviting space to spend time in, whilst adding pops of pattern, colour and fun. 
Make sure you choose your cushions that are specifically for outdoors, the materials used are usually waterproof and can make sure your cushions are less likely to get damaged from spillages!
For an extra summery and colourful burst, try adding fabric bunting around the edges of your pop up gazebo. 

The best gazebos to decorate

Wondering which gazebos are the most suitable for decorating and garden use? The 3m x 4.5m Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo and 3m x 2m Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo are great options if you’re after something sturdy, durable and easy to decorate.

3m x 4.5m Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo

If you’re looking for a strong gazebo, there’s no better fit than the Aluminium 50 Series range. The strongest commercial pop up gazebo available on the European market, the 50 Series offers performance and durability that is simply unbeatable.

3m x 2m Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo

For a smaller option that’s suitable for a few guests, we recommend the 3m x 2m model which is one of our more compact frames designed for operating in limited space. Get peace of mind that your gazebo will stand the test of time (and testing weather conditions) with a top of the range shelter.

Final thoughts

So now you know how to decorate your pop-up gazebo you can get to organising all of the fun activities you can think of. If your current pop up gazebo has seen better days, or you haven’t got one at all – take a look at our range today.
At Gazeboshop, we have a huge variety of different sizes and styles of gazebo to suit all budgets and perfect for just about any garden. We also supply a complete range of accessories to make sure your gazebo is enjoyable year round, including lights and heaters.

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