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Rev up your event presence with our high-quality motorsport gazebos available as plain, block colours or fully branded and customisable. Our motorsport gazebos are used for a range of events, from competitive races to showcasing vehicles at club shows, track days and meet ups.

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Motorsport events require a lot of gazebos with certified durability and protection. Whether you’re after a simple solution to keep an outside pit crew covered from the elements or a shaded area for fans, our race tents are perfect for the occasion.

We know that some motorsport gazebos are also used to cover track cars or motorcycles in the paddock from the rain, hail and whatever else the weather throws, and we can ensure our gazebos will provide shelter with our waterproof material.

Having worked with the likes of Silverstone, Paddock Motorsports Ltd, Alfa Romeo Owners Club and Mini Works UK, we understand the specifications often required to make a great racing tent.

Look through our customers’ photos in our motorsport gazebo gallery to get an idea of what we are able to produce for our customers.

Running a start-up carting or motocross club? Try the clubman instant gazebo for a cost-effective alternative.

Can I customise the design and size of the motorsport gazebo?

Absolutely. If you want to opt for a gazebo that has your branding on it – take a look at our printed gazebo offerings. We offer different packages for those seeking branded gazebos for motorsports including customisable half walls, and printed full walls. Explore the packages to find the perfect fit for your motorsport branding needs.

How long does it take to set up a motorsport gazebo?

Setting up your motorsport gazebo from Gazeboshop is a breeze – two people can have it up in a matter of minutes. The takedown process is just as swift. Check out our guide on how to put up a pop-up gazebo.

Can the motorsport gazebo be easily transported to different locations?

Yes. Our motorsport gazebos are designed for easy packing and transport, making them perfect for visiting multiple motorsport events, races, and exhibitions.

What additional features or accessories can be added to a motorsport gazebo?

Elevate your motorsport branding with our range of gazebo accessories, including fold-up tables with branded table covers, printed flags, and gazebo lights and heaters.