5 Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas


With spring edging closer, many couples will be getting ready to host an outdoor wedding, and tying the knot in the British outdoors can provide an enchanting backdrop on the big day. Outdoor weddings offer a personal and sentimental feel and can be less expensive than indoor venues. In this blog post, we will cover some fantastic ideas that ensure your wedding is one to remember – but first, two of the most important things to consider when hosting an outdoor wedding reception, the location and the weather!

Decide on location

Just because indoor locations and wedding venues are off the cards at the moment, and micro weddings are the done thing- that shouldn’t mean that choosing the right outdoor location is any less important! From gardens to farms, couples should be using an outdoor space to reflect the theme and aesthetic of their wedding.
For example, a bohemian style wedding suits outdoor spaces that are more rustic and not pruned to perfection – paired with wildflowers and lots of recycled materials such as old doors and old ornate windows for decoration. On the other hand, a classic English countryside style wedding is better suited to billows of green grass, roses, champagne and lots of white.

Prepare for all weather conditions

For us Britons, there’s nothing we’re more familiar with than the ever-changing weather and we don’t always know what we’re going to get on the day. To ensure you and your guests are sheltered from the elements, try adding a few pop-up gazebos and some infrared heaters in your outdoor space – the warmth of your guests is vital! Don’t forget to decorate your gazebos to match the look of the wedding – fairy lights, battery-powered candles and foliage can all make your sheltered space look the part.
If you really want to impress your guests, add a thoughtful touch by providing parasols for them to protect themselves from the sun or any unexpected rain showers.




5 outdoor wedding ideas


1. Make your own signage

Signage serves multiple purposes and is essential on the big day. Many guests have often never been to the locations before and could be travelling from further afield, not only this, but signage can also allow you to share the menu with your guests, remind them to wash their hands or can even provide a great backdrop for photo opportunities.
Making your own unique signage means putting your stamp on your wedding decor – there are plenty of materials, colours and fonts to choose from when making your own, so get creative.






2. Pop up cocktail bars

For an added element of fun, why not hire a pop-up cocktail bar? Many services offer mobile bars in the form of converted caravans and minivans for an extra touch of eye-catching glamour – or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not create your own bar area using wooden palettes and stock the drinks for your guests? You should double-check whether you need licensing to do this, first.
For extra safety measures, serve drinks in disposable containers to ensure no cups are reused by different guests and offer hand sanitising stations to help guests follow the hands, face, and space guidance.


3. Photo trees

Photo trees are a great addition to your outdoor venue that you can buy or make yourself. Surround yourself with photographs of significant moments you and your partner have shared or display your favourite snaps of loved ones that may no longer be around or are unable to attend the big day.
Try using an online photo printing service to print off the photos in a style that you love – some services enable you to print off photos in a classic polaroid style, or you can even print off all your photos in black and white.
Once you are happy with all the photos, use a hole punch and string, or pegs, and attach them to the trees in a similar way to how you’d hang a bauble on a Christmas tree. Alternatively, you could create a washing line of photos which you can then wrap around the trunk of a tree.

4. Outdoor seating

You can really have fun with outdoor seating, and this is definitely an element that ties the overall theme of the wedding together. For more rustic themes, try mismatching chairs of all different colours for a fun and eclectic effect – or for a more refined look, white chairs with cushioning look great. You may also need to consider social distancing guidelines too, so ensure your seating areas are spaced out so that guests are sitting within their bubbles and abiding by social distancing guidance.
It’s a good idea to also have seating for people to retire to later on in the day, too. Using hay bales covered with a blanket for comfort is a popular choice – or go for the Moroccan look and place lots of cushions and rugs on the floor.

5. Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment such as fireworks and sparklers can add magic to the evening as the sun goes down. Magicians and fire eaters can all provide fun and laughter, whilst discouraging guests from getting too close.


By providing shelter, warmth, a bar, outdoor entertainment and some beautiful surroundings – your outdoor wedding reception can be one that your guests will never forget, no matter the weather. If you’re looking for ideas for a more intimate affair, read our guide on how to organise micro weddings which covers how you can organise the perfect wedding for around 15 guests.

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