8.5m x 10m Hiflexx Stretch Tent

Permanent Stretch Tents

Hiflexx Stretch Tents

Uncover the versatility and stylish allure of our expertly crafted Hiflexx stretch tents! Perfect for professional and permanent use over the long term. So whether you're overseeing a function space, venue, pub garden, or organising an event, make a bold statement and transform your space with our breathtaking Single Coated Stretch Tent.

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A standout feature of these single coated stretch tents is their adaptability! Whether you seek an open, breezy atmosphere on a sunny day, protection from the wind, or a cosy retreat during rainfall, our Hiflexx stretch tents cater to every occasion, offering endless possibilities to ensure your event is memorable. Thanks to the elastic canvas and movable poles made of aluminium or sturdy eucalyptus wood, they easily conform to your needs, ensuring a secure and safe setup.

Benefiting from high quality, fully waterproof Hiflexx polyester fabric, our single coated stretch tents offer unmatched strength and durability, ideal for long-term professional and permanent use. With a fire-retardant fabric and a specific weight of 740 g/m², along with a protective waterproof PVC coating on the exterior, they provide superior UV resistance and stability. Internal treatments enhance mildew resistance and water repellency, further enhancing their longevity.

These permanent tents effortlessly adapt to any terrain and can be attached to buildings like awnings, making them suitable for a variety of celebrations, from large-scale festivals to intimate outdoor weddings. Easily set up by two to four individuals, depending on size.

If you need a portable canopy for short-term occasions, explore our easy-up stretch tents. For semi-professional use, consider our selection of Triflexx stretch tents. Be inspired by our stretch tent gallery showcasing these tents in various settings.

For specific requirements and to discuss lead times, reach out to our team on 01295 258922. Please note that stretch tents are custom-made products and, unfortunately, cannot be returned or refunded.