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Stretch Tents

Make a statement with a stretch tent from Gazeboshop.

Gazeboshop is proud to announce that we are now a UK distributor for Belgium-based, Bonga Stretch tents.

Stretch tents are high quality, versatile and flexible structures that are perfect for outdoor events, weddings, festivals and fairs. The creative control a stretch tent provides is what makes these fantastic structures stand out from the crowd.

Also referred to as stretch marquees, the clue is the name, as the material is able to be stretched and moulded into various different angles and corners, meaning that you can create unique shapes and build your structure around your environment. Everything is then held in place with poles to ensure a secure and safe solution.

Stretch tents are a fresh and exciting alternative to traditional gazebos and marquees. The canopy is made from fire retardant material that is specifically developed for a commercial market and is 100% waterproof. Not only this, the tents can be constructed on grounds of all types and can also be attached to buildings in a similar way to how an awning works, making them a great choice for all types of events in all types of terrain. 

Explore our range of strong stretch tents and stretch marquees such as the 6.5m x 5m model, so you can host the best event of the year.