Supply of Artwork


We can print any logo, text or image but we always aim and advise towards the best quality finish.
Vector based artwork is always best for logos and illustrations as this creates a perfect and clear line without distortion. All other images and pictures will be pixel based.
While vector artwork can be re sized to any size, pixel based formats need to be highest dpi and quality you have. The best and more technical requirements are listed below.
It can take upto 10-15 days to process digital print upon final approval and at least 50% payment received.
Vector Images
Artwork can be supplied formats such as:
.ai = Adobe Illustrator
.cdr = Corel Draw
.eps = Universal file type
.pdf = Universal file type
Mac users should supply an Adobe Illustrator File. This must be saved as Illustrator EPS and post script level 1 or 2. Select PC compatible.
All Vector files must have their fonts converted to curves, or have the fonts sent or embedded into the file if saved as text.
Unless stated, images should be saved at a scale of 1:1 and proportioned correctly to its positioning on the final panel.
Drawings should generally be created without the use of outlines. If a key line is required around a particular letter or object, this should be created by the physical use of a boundary, not merely by the addition of the outline tool. If the outline tool is used please ensure that the line width is scalable. We cannot be responsible for outline widths which do not translate to the correct size if the ‘scale with image’ check box is not highlighted.
If your artwork contains both vector and bitmap forms please supply these in any of the following ways:
as separate files one containing the vector image in curves, with the location of the bitmap linked
as a Vector file with the bitmap embedded. Please ensure that the bitmap is embedded in the right format – see below.
convert all to a bitmap – see notes below on the supply of bitmap images.
Supply of Pixel Based Images
Artwork can be supplied formats such as:
.tiff = Universal file type
.bmp = Universal file type
.jpg (.jpeg) = Universal file type
.png = Universal file type
.psd = Adobe Photoshop
.cpt = Corel Photopaint
There are other pixel based file extensions but the above are the most common.
Please ensure all files are saved in a PC format. We would strongly recommend the use of Tiff files (LZW Compression is advisable) instead of jpegs. Jpegs often result in the loss of detail due to the nature of compression.
Pixel based artwork should be supplied to full size at 300 dpi or higher. The smaller the image the lower quality of print, we can print from 300dpi to 72dpi.
If a pixel based image is sent with a background it would have to match the gazebo colour, be transparent or a have vector outline. We could not guarantee the invisibility of your background box as this would look like an applied patch.
Further general artwork requirements
If you have any specific colour requirements please supply this or artwork is printed as the colours supplied in the files. We cannot be held responsible for image inaccuracies if your file is incorrect and we have not been requested to amend this.
We will always size artwork for our recommended best fit for each of our print methods. Please ensure all artwork is to size; or orientation, finishing and material specifications are provided with the artwork if you need your print to a specific size. Any changes to these once work has commenced with will be chargeable.
If your artwork is larger than 9MB this may be too big to email. You can upload it to and we can download it that way.

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