What is a Stretch Tent?


What is a Stretch Tent?

Stretch tents are also known as stretch marquees. They utilise a 100% watertight material that, as the name suggests stretches across a series of poles, to create a variety of styles from sun canopies to awnings and lounge areas. Each stretch tent setup is truly a unique process allowing you to bring your visions to life at any special occasion like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Or simply to add a special touch to your garden or outdoor space, no matter how awkward it is. 

How Does a Stretch Tent Work?

Stretch tents use a single piece of waterproof material that is stretched across multiple positioned poles to create the shape, space or design from your imagination, without the rectangular restrictions of a marquee. Stretch tents are often compared to marquees, however, they are an adaptation of this more traditional design.

Which is better? A Stretch Tent or Marquee?

Both stretch tents and marquees are great options but marquees are limited in different ways as they require a flat surface, lots of space and are rigid with a rectangular shape. This makes them difficult to install in gardens that are curved, very narrow or L-shaped spaces and more. 

A stretch tent’s flexibility and versatility are unparalleled – they allow you to position your poles wherever you need them to create unique spaces. Stretching the fabric to create covers from wind and rain or sun shades that are perfect for garden parties and outdoor events.
The distinctive shape and surfaces of a stretch tent mean you can create a completely different atmosphere taking minimal effort to make them pop. The sleek outlines make a perfect backdrop for lights and decorations helping to enhance any occasion and even allowing you to create distinct zones so you can separate the dance floor from the dining area or even have your stretch tent bend through the space so you can shelter who or whatever you need to. This is further aided by the fact the material is stretchy and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about being cold and damp on the inside. 

Stretch tent with guests inside.

Create a unique and stunning space with an XXXL Bonga Stretch Tent. Ideal for large events and large outdoor areas.


What are the Benefits of a Stretch Tent?

Stretch tents offer a range of benefits that are applicable for large commercial use or for use on personal property, such as.
Weatherproofing: They provide protection from rain to scolding sunshine.
Versatility: Can be made use of for all kinds of events meaning they are highly reusable and their durability means you can keep them for years.
Flexibility: Their unique structure means the fabric can be stretched and adapted for varied terrain or varied event types.
Customisation: You can select the right canopy colour to match your preferences and place poles and stretch fabric to create a masterpiece with your stretch tent. They are also easy to decorate for any occasion.

Who are stretch tents suitable for?

Stretch tents are a great option for anyone looking to create a unique and interesting space for their event. They are particularly well-suited for outdoor events such as festivals, weddings, and other large gatherings. They provide an elegant and stylish look while also offering protection from the elements. They are also great for smaller events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and family gatherings. 

A stretch tent on a sunny day, setup for an event.

A smaller stretch tent is ideal for a shelter in a beer garden or gathering.

How Much is a Stretch Tent to Buy?

Stretch tent canopies range between £1,542 to £10,242 to buy. Due to how unique stretch tents are they also come in a range of sizes which leads to varying costs so it is a good idea to measure the space you’ll be putting one in before you purchase to ensure that you get one that’s right for you. The variety of sizes means our stretch tents range from £1,542 to £10,242 and are durable for long-term use, making them truly valuable to invest in for commercial and leisure purposes.
If you’re interested in a stretch tent, view our range of Bonga Stretch Tents and their adjoining Stretch Tent Accessories or contact us with any questions you may have. 

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