Outdoor Autumn Wedding Ideas

Samantha Richards

Outdoor autumn weddings have gained significant popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The enchanting beauty and charm of autumn make it an ideal season to celebrate love and commitment. The vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold adorning the trees provide a picturesque backdrop that is unmatched by any other season.

In this blog, we’ll look at a multitude of ways you can achieve a stunning outdoor autumn wedding from decor to keeping your guests warm. 

Benefits of having an outdoor autumn wedding 

There are a whole host of benefits to having your special day during the autumn months, including;

  • Beautiful natural backdrop: The vibrant colours of the autumn foliage create a stunning and picturesque setting for an outdoor wedding.
  • Comfortable weather: The cool, crisp autumn air is ideal for outdoor ceremonies, allowing guests to enjoy the event without feeling overheated or uncomfortable. Just be sure to have a plan in place to keep guests warm as the evening draws in.
  • Unique seasonal decor: Autumn offers an array of charming decor options such as pumpkins, hay bales, and seasonal flowers, adding a unique and festive touch to the wedding theme.
  • Cost-effective: Booking outdoor areas during autumn is often less expensive compared to peak wedding seasons, allowing couples to potentially save money on their wedding budget.
  • Availability: Outdoor venues are usually more readily available during the autumn months, providing couples with more options and flexibility when it comes to choosing a desirable location for their wedding.


Autumn wedding themes 

Autumn lends itself nicely to a variety of decorations, from a rustic theme which focuses on wooden centrepieces to a more whimsical enchanted woodland theme. Here’s some inspiration on how to decorate your autumn outdoor wedding. 


Rustic autumn wedding ideas

  1. For a rustic autumn wedding, consider having an outdoor ceremony under a stretch tent surrounded by vibrant autumn foliage. Choose a picturesque location, such as a scenic countryside or use wooden benches, and vintage lanterns to enhance the rustic atmosphere.
  1. Use natural materials like wood, burlap, and dried leaves and opt for warm and cosy lighting to create a romantic ambiance. Hang string lights or Edison bulbs from trees, or use candles and lanterns to provide a soft glow. Incorporate lanterns filled with autumn-scented candles as aisle markers or place them on tables for added warmth.
  1. Set your tables with rustic-inspired details. Use wooden farm tables or vintage lace tablecloths, and pair them with antique china, mismatched vintage glasses, and silverware. Tie napkins with twine, insert small autumn-themed sprigs, and place personalised wooden place cards for a unique touch.


Image from our happy client, The Hidden Oak, a wedding venue at Elton Moor Farm. Stretch tent featured is the 10m x 15m XL Bonga Stretch Tent Canopy & Clamps
Colour: Cream/Sand with Wooden Eucalyptus Pole Set inc. Carabiners
Instagram @thehiddenoak

Harvest-themed wedding ideas

  1. Choose a scenic outdoor location, such as a barn or a vineyard, to host your harvest-themed wedding. Embrace the natural beauty of the season by incorporating elements like hay bales, and wooden signs for a cosy and autumnal atmosphere. If you are hosting the majority of the day indoors, try using a stretch tent to create an outdoor area that allows you and guests to enjoy the autumn scenery.
  1. Opt for a warm and earthy colour palette that reflects the harvest season. Consider shades of orange, red, burgundy, and deep purple. Incorporate these colours into your floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, table linens, and other décor elements to create a cohesive autumnal ambience.
  1. Add elements of the harvest season throughout your wedding décor. Incorporate pumpkins, gourds, wheat stalks, and autumn leaves into your centrepieces, entrance displays, and table settings. You can also use these natural elements to create unique wedding favours, such as mini pumpkins with guest names or jars of homemade preserves.
  1. Incorporate seasonal dishes and drinks that showcase the flavours of autumn. Consider serving warm apple cider, pumpkin soup, caramel apples, or a harvest-themed menu featuring comfort food favourites. Incorporate a marshmallow toasting station or a hot chocolate bar to provide a cosy feel.


Instagram @woodland_weddings

Enchanted woodland wedding ideas

  1. Create a magical atmosphere by hanging fairy lights and lanterns around the wedding venue. This will give the effect of fireflies glowing in the enchanting woodland as dusk falls.
  2. Incorporate elements of nature by using wooden signs, tree bark centrepieces, and moss-covered accents. This will bring a rustic and earthy feel to the wedding, enhancing the woodland theme.
  3. Embrace the autumn season by incorporating rich and warm colours like burgundy, burnt orange, and deep greens. Use seasonal foliage, such as colourful leaves, pumpkins, and acorns, to create stunning tablescapes and bouquets.
  4. Encourage your guests to dress in ethereal and whimsical attire, such as flowy dresses, floral crowns, and woodland-inspired accessories. For the bride and groom, consider incorporating natural elements into the outfit, such as a floral crown for the bride and a wooden button hole for the groom.


Woodland Weddings is a happy client that purchased the 10m x 17m XL Bonga Stretch Tent Canopy & Clamps
Colour: Sahara/Sahara
Instagram @woodland_weddings



Outdoor autumn wedding FAQs


1. How do you stay warm at an outdoor autumn wedding?

To keep you and your guests warm at an outdoor autumn wedding, you can consider providing blankets, portable heaters, or setting up fire pits to create a cosy and warm atmosphere for guests.

2. What is the best time of day for an outdoor autumn wedding? 

The best time of day for an outdoor autumn wedding would typically be in the afternoon, around 12-3 PM. This allows for abundant natural light, pleasant temperatures, and beautiful photo opportunities.

3. What month in autumn is best for an outdoor wedding?

Late September and early October are often considered the best times for an outdoor wedding in autumn due to mild weather, vibrant autumn foliage, and generally lower chances of rain compared to other months in the season.

4. What do you wear to an outdoor wedding in October?

For women

A knee-length or midi-length dress in autumn colours like burgundy, navy, or plum would be suitable. Choose a fabric that is appropriate for the temperature – something slightly heavier like velvet or wool-blend for cooler weather. Long-sleeved dresses or those with three-quarter sleeves can also provide extra warmth.

Layering can be helpful. Consider adding a tailored blazer or a shawl that matches your outfit. A lightweight wrap or pashmina can also provide extra warmth if needed.

For men 
A well-fitted, dark-coloured suit with a crisp button-up dress shirt and tie is a classic and safe choice. Opt for colours like navy, charcoal, or dark grey. You can pair it with a seasonal tie or pocket square to add a touch of personality.

If the wedding is more casual, you can wear a blazer or sportcoat with a pair of dress trousers. Choose a blazer in a complementary colour to your trousers, such as navy or brown. Pair it with a button-up shirt and a tie if desired.

Consider wearing suits or blazers made from wool, tweed, or heavier fabrics to keep warm in cooler temperatures. Avoid lightweight or summer-specific fabrics like linen.

Woodland Weddings is a happy client that purchased the 10m x 17m XL Bonga Stretch Tent Canopy & Clamps
Colour: Sahara/Sahara
Instagram @woodland_weddings


Discover stretch tents for your outdoor autumn wedding

Provide the ultimate outdoor shelter for your guests with a stunning stretch tent available in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of needs. Opt for a smaller stretch tent to provide an outdoor seating area adorned with lights and pumpkins – or choose the largest stretch tent to create a complete outdoor dance floor, bar area and seating area. Ensure you’re keeping your guests warm enough and providing blankets and heating if you plan to have the entirety of your wedding outdoors during the autumn months!

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