What’s the Best Gazebo for A Hot Tub?

Samantha Richards

If you’re a hot tub owner, you’ll know that there’s nothing like beating the cold weather with a toasty soak in the bubbles when it comes to autumn and winter. However, owning a hot tub in winter can be a tough task. Having to clean it out with chemicals and scoop out leaves and any other debris that can fall in while you’re enjoying your hot tub is time consuming and inconvenient – and we’d all rather just be able to jump straight in the tub without the fuss!

You’ve come here looking for a solution and we’re here to help you find the best gazebo for your hot tub.

Please note: We don’t recommend leaving gazebos out in your gardens for prolonged periods of time. You must ensure your gazebo is adequately anchored too, as weather conditions can change throughout the day, as well as remembering to keep your gazebo well ventilated..

What size gazebo for a hot tub?

First things first, you should measure your garden and gazebo to assess what size gazebo would be right for you. Typically you need to leave a diameter of 0.5m larger than that of the hot tub or Lay-z Spa when choosing your gazebo. Here’s how that would look in relation to different sizes of a Lay-z Spa and what size gazebo you’d need to accommodate them.

CapacityApprox Width (Incl Pump)Minimum Gazebo Size
2-4 Person2.30m2.8 x 2.8 = 7.84m²
3-5 Person2.05m2.55 x 2.55 = 6.51m²
4-6 Person2.45m2.95 x 2.95 = 8.7m²
5-7 Person2.70m3.20 x 3.20 = 10.24m²
6-8 Person2.90m3.40 x 3.40 = 11.56m²


3m x 2m Heavy Duty Steel 30 Series Gazebo

This strong and versatile gazebo works as a perfect cover for a smaller hot tub, allowing you to give 360° coverage to protect your hot tub from the elements. You can even fold up the sides to provide an easy entrance to the tub, whilst also having the ability to keep the walls down, sealing it off to create a relaxing ambience. Try adding fairy lights and other gazebo accessories.


  • Sidewalls available
  • Suitable for light use in colder weather
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from durable heavy duty steel


3m x 3m Heavy Duty Steel 30 Series Gazebo  

The 3m x 3m models are a standard size gazebo that should comfortably fit a smaller hot tub or Lay-Z spa.  Our 3×3 gazebos from the Heavy Duty Steel range are an entry level gazebo, ideal for light winter use in the garden and for the standard home user. 


  • Larger frame with easy assembly 
  • Sidewalls available
  • Made from durable heavy duty steel
  • Suitable for light use in colder weather


3m x 6m Trader Steel 32 Series Gazebo

This larger hot tub gazebo model means you can create a log cabin-like feel in your own garden for a fraction of the cost. This large and high strength pop up gazebo is from the Trader 32 range and is made from commercial-grade steel, at a lower price. The gazebo can stand strong in a variety of weather conditions and provides ample space for a larger hot tub with some seating, storage, table or any other garden furniture that you desire to create your perfect outdoor space.


  • Commercial-grade steel at a lower price
  • Telescopic legs with adjustable height
  • Canopy and sidewalls available
  • Heavy duty and suitable for all weather conditions

4m x 8m Aluminium Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo

If you need a strong, sizable and durable gazebo to act as a jacuzzi shelter or hot tub cover, then look no further than this model from the Extreme 50 HEX Series. This spacious model can comfortably shelter a large hot tub and provide excellent space for seating around the outside of your hot tub (subject to hot tub measurements!). You can also remove sidewalls in the summer to let in the light when the weather is nicer.


  • Mid range commercial grade gazebo
  • Customisable
  • Available in various colours


4m x 4m Aluminium Extreme 50 Hex Series Gazebo 

Experience the strongest gazebo available on the European market. The square shape of this all seasons gazebo makes it perfect for a typical hot tub, providing unmatched shelter throughout the year, whilst still being extremely quick and easy to assemble and set down. 


  • Can be used daily, all year round 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Highest strength design available
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