4 Best Gazebos For Corporate Events


When searching for the best gazebo for a corporate event, you’ll want to consider quality, professionalism and ease of transportation. If you can find a gazebo which satisfies all three, it’ll help provide a lasting positive impression of your business to clients and customers.
Of course, different corporate events have different requirements, and what may be best for a more formalised corporate event may not be your best option for a market stall or ‘pop-up’ trade event.
To help you find the best gazebo for your business, we’ve listed the 4 top gazebos for different styles of corporate events, as well as our best advice on how to transport your gazebo with ease.


What to consider before buying your gazebo

When choosing a gazebo for your business or organisation, there are some questions that you’ll need to ask yourself before committing to a purchase.


  • What’s your budget?
  • What sort of event will you need the gazebo for? A trade event or exhibition? A market stall at a company activity day or retreat?
  • What amount of space have you been given? How much space would you like your gazebo to cover?
  • Will the gazebo be used in an outdoor or indoor space, or both?
  • How often will you be using the gazebo?

With your answers in mind, let’s take a look at the 4 best gazebos for corporate events.

The top 4 gazebos for corporate events


1. The best gazebos for trade events

Trade Event Gazebo

Our Trader 32 Series gazebos offer greater strength and durability than a gazebo you may find in your garden, making them ideal for trade events where durability and professionalism are key.
Pictured above is our 3m x 3m Trader 32 Series gazebo in black, which is perfectly sized to fit the designated space at a standard trade event – though if you have more space to fill we’d recommend a slightly larger option, either our 3m x 4.5m or 3m x 6m Trader 32 Series gazebo.
What makes this particular gazebo so perfect for trade events is it’s flexibility. You can opt for a canopy with or without sidewalls and choose from a wide selection of 17 colours, from neutral black all the way to eye-catching yellow, to help your business truly stand out.
To combat the typical British weather, you can purchase an additional clear PVC sidewall to allow passers by to view your products or goods while keeping you protected from the wind and rain – making this the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor trade events!

2. The best compact gazebo for corporate events

Butternut Box Gazebo
Only have limited space to work with and need a gazebo that’s lightweight and easy to transport? Your best option is the 3m x 2m Extreme 50 HEX Series Gazebo.
Without compromising on strength and durability, this compact 3m x 2m gazebo is one of our smallest frames. It’s designed for easy portability and can be assembled by two people in under 60 seconds, which you’ll soon be very grateful for if you have a regular space at a market or event!
With a choice of 11 colours and your choice of sidewall, this 3m x 2m gazebo provides both functionality and professionalism when you don’t have the luxury of space to fill.

3. The best gazebo for a market stall

market stall gazebo

If your business makes a regular appearance at your local market or makes a guest appearance at markets across the region, you’ll be in need of a gazebo which can stand the test of time, as well as the wet and windy British weather.
Our 3m x 3m pop up market stall has been specifically designed to keep you protected from the elements while giving you enough space to showcase your goods, all at an affordable price. In fact, it’s Europe’s best-selling pop up market stall for that very reason.
With a choice of three frames, we recommend our Aluminium Extreme 50 HEX Series unit for professional market operators who will be using the gazebo every day of the week. For those of you who only intend to use the pop up market stall every now and then, we recommend the Aluminium Extreme 40 Series.

4. The best versatile gazebo for corporate events

CPM Custom Print Gazebo
Finally, if you’re looking for a versatile gazebo which will get clients, customers and passers by talking about your brand for weeks (or even months) after a corporate event, your best option is a custom printed gazebo.
With our bespoke gazebos, you have the choice between vinyl heat pressing and dye sublimation print packages. This gives you the flexibility to decide how far you’d like to go with your design, helping you tailor your gazebo for different corporate events.
A professional trade event may require a sleek and simple brand name printed across the roof of the canopy, whereas for more lively events, you may want to go all out with a colourful design which utilises every inch of the space available to you.
Whatever your decision, our custom printed gazebos are durable, easy to assemble and guaranteed to draw in a crowd, making them the perfect choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How to transport a gazebo during a corporate event

If you’ve ever set up a display area at a corporate event, then you’ll be no stranger to the heavy lifting which often comes with it.
When travelling to and from a corporate event, you’re likely to have a number of heavy items alongside your gazebo which you’ll need to transport – whether that’s marketing material, additional display pieces such as printed table covers or custom feather flags, or your own product to be sold or presented.
To reduce the amount of trips needed to your vehicle, equip yourself with a wheeled gazebo bag. The bag will keep your gazebo canopy and frame safely inside, protected from damage in transit, and will enable you to easily transport it from your vehicle to your designated space at the event.
You can find out how to put your gazebo up with our helpful step-by-step guide.

Still need help?

We hope this guide has helped you find the best gazebo for a corporate event, but if you’re still not sure and would like some more guidance, get in touch with our friendly team.
From conferences to catering and charity & fundraising, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses from different sectors find the perfect gazebo to showcase their brand, even helping them with their custom printed designs. Call us on 01295 258922 so we can help you too!

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